Top 10 nudist beaches in Europe

Nudist beaches are very often the most beautiful ones you can find. In Europe there are a lot of amazing nudist beaches, but here is the list of the best ones you can find, just in time to plan your holiday.
If you have never been on a nudist beach before, here is the little guide on how to behave.

1. Es Trenc, Mallorca, Spain


Es Trenc is the most popular naturist beach in Mallorca, and there are several marked sections for naturists. It is located in the southern part of Mallorca between the small town Ses Covetes and the holiday resort Colonia Sant Jordi. The fine, white, sandy beach is more than two kilometers long. In the back of the beach are some lovely dunes, but it is not allowed to stay there. The water is shallow along all of Es Trenc and the unique, turquoise shades give the beach an almost tropical look, so many are comparing it to the Caribbean.


2. Ada Bojana, Montenegro

Ada Bojana - nudism

Ada Bojana is an island in Montenegro, next to the city of Ulcinj and close to the border with Albania. It is formed by the delta of the Bojana River, and it has a triangular shape. Two sides of the island are on the river, while the third one is on the Adriatic sea. Along the sea, there is a three kilometers long sandy beach with a popular nudist resort.


3. Elia beach, Mykonos, Greece

Elia Beach isn’t very far from Mykonos town. It is one of the longest sandy beaches in Mykonos and it’s also one of the most popular nudists and gay beaches in Mykonos. While it’s definitely family-friendly, it offers something for everyone.


4. Adegas Beach, Odeceixe, Portugal


Adegas beach is separated from its better-known neighbor, Praia de Odeceixe by high cliffs. This gives the beach a secluded feel and makes it a popular spot with naturists. This lovely beach is quite small and sheltered by rocks on either side.

5. Sahara, Rab, Croatia

A 30-minute walk from Rajska plaža you get to Sahara, a beautiful sandy beach. It is the most famous naturist beach in Lopar. It is not hard to get there, yet it is far enough from the crowd when you wish to have a little bit of peace and quiet on your vacation. Beautiful sand, shallow sea, and nice rocks on the sides give you feeling like you are somewhere in the tropics and not in the Mediterranean. But have in mind that there are no facilities so bring your own food and drinks.


6. Capocotta Beach, Italy

 Capocotta beach is located on the South coast of Rome between Ostia and Torvaianica. The beach itself is very unique as it is located within the Nature Reserve. Picturesque soft golden sand kissed by the translucent blue sea makes this beach worth of becoming one of the top 10 Europe beaches.


7. Smithska Udden, Göteborg, Sweden

 Not all the best European beaches are located in the Mediterranean. Smithska Udden is a nude beach at the southern end of the peninsula Näset in the southern part of Gothenburg in Sweden. It’s a popular beach but because it is rocky and quite steep with leaders leading to the water is not very friendly to families with children.


8. Playa de las Gaviotas, Santa Cruz, Tenerife, Spain

 This beach is made of extremely fine black sand. It stands at the foot of the Anaga mountain range cliffs, that are decorating the beach with an exotic and unique beauty. Even though “the white sandy beaches” are usually represented as the most beautiful, having fun in this spectacular black and should be on everyone´s bucket list.


9. Cap-d’Agde, Agde, France

Cap d’Agde is a well-known resort for naturism. It is one of the largest developed resort in the world where you can be naked not only at the beach but also in surrounding facilities including shops, restaurants, and banks! It has a number of beaches, but the one that is dedicated only for nudists is a 5km long, beautiful sandy beach.


10. Kamenjak, Istria, Croatia

cape kamenjak

It’s is the southernmost cape of Croatian biggest peninsula – Istria. Kamenjak is a protected nature reserve. Idyllic beaches are mixed with wild coastline in the shade of the pine trees, crystal clear blue sea, pebble bays, high cliffs, and hidden caves. It is, therefore, the perfect setting for nature lovers. And naturism lovers. It is not official naturist beach, but just as in many places on Croatian Adriatic, naturism is tolerated. Just go from the crowd, and get rid of those pesky textiles! The flat, smooth rocks are usually the best pick. During the heat peak, just go to the deep shade of the forest behind and refresh yourself with several jumping into the sea.

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