Benefits of sleeping naked

Do you sleep naked or you put your PJs every evening? What if I tell you that there are great benefits of sleeping naked, would you take off your clothes during the night? By that I don´t just mean on benefit of being naked – and if you ask me that is already great enough! I am giving you 6 great reasons why you should sleep naked tonight. And any other nights!


Body temperature is very important for good night sleep.  Sleeping naked helps with that by regulating your body temperature. Sleeping naked is preventing your body to overheat so you will sleep better. Also, The Los Angeles Sleep Study Institute has reported that if your body temperature is too high it will affect your sleep cycle and also ihibits you from drifting into a deep sleep. So, if you have troubles with sleeping, try taking your PJs off!


Well, that sounds a bit weird at the first glance but if you think this trough you will see the point.  If you keep your temperature below 21˚C  when you are sleeping your body will release melatonin. Melatonin is the body´s regulator of sleep cycle and contributes to anti-aging and healthy skin. So, this is the hormone we really want to work for us during the night. And can you even think of a better way of keeping your temperature below 21˚C  than sleeping naked?



Yes, that is right. I was already talking about losing weight and looking better in this post. But sleeping naked can also help you with that. Staying cooler when you sleep is helping your metabolism according to a Francesco S. Celi, M.D., who is the author of a study from 2014. He found that if your temperature is cooler when you are sleeping your body will produce double the volume of a healthy fat. And this is burning calories to generate body heat. If you ask me, sleeping naked is one of the best ways of burning calories.


When you are sleeping with your partner and both of you are wearing clothes, isn´t that annoying you? There is nothing better than skin-to-skin contact with your partner. Dr. Fran Walfish says that this skin-to-skin contact is releasing the feel-good hormone.  Also skin-to-skin touching will increase sexual responsiveness. Isn´t that great? But, there is more. Cotton USA found in their study found that sleeping naked with your partner encourages physical and emotional intimacy, and we all know that tis is leading to a happier relationships.


Sleeping in underwear increases the odds that you will get an infection in the place where you realy don´t want it. And this goes for both men and women. By sleeping naked vagina will get more ventilation and this will reduce the probability of infection. For men, sleeping naked means increasing fertility by keeping testicles at a reasonable temperature. Also, it can retain the sperm quality.

6.  IT IS FUN!

I am not going to tell you why is that so. You will just have to sleep naked and figure out this one all by yourself! 🙂



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