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As I promised, here is the first part of your questions and my answers. I tried to answer as specific and detailed as I could. If there is something you would like to found out about me and is not yet covered, please feel free to send me your question by e-mail and I will try to answer as soon as possible.

Here it goes 🙂

1. When going nude outdoors do you wear shoes or do you try to tough it barefoot?

I love being barefoot even when I have to wear clothes. When I am nude outdoors I am barefoot most of the time. Don´t have the problem with walking barefoot on the rocks, pebbles or most of the surfaces. I do put my shoes on when there is a big possibility to hurt my feet.

2. How often do you get to do your interests?

I suppose that this reference to being nude. I get to be nude almost every day. I am nude at my home and garden, and when I travel I am looking for places where I can be nude. So my answer is all the time 😉

3. What is your preference and/or recommendations on women’s pubic area? Natural, shaved…?

Well, personally I prefer it completely shaved. And it doesn´t mean that I am always completely shaved as it depends on my mood. I am changing it from completely shaved to a little triangle of pubic hair or something like this. I do not like it natural, I think it is not nice at all, but that is just my personal opinion. I don´t have a recommendation for women “haircut” in the pubic area, as I think that everyone should have it just like the hair – the way that they feel is the best about it.

4. Top 3 things you like and dislike in naturism?

Top 3 things I like in naturism:

  1.  Freedom
  1. Feeling of the sun, wind, and water on my body
  2. Feeling of the deep connection with myself and also with Nature.

That was easy 😉

Top 3 things that I dislike in naturism: 

  1. That it is not legal to be naked everywhere
  2. That there are people that think naturism is about sex and porn.
  3. That a lot of people is not open enough to naturism

5. Your hobbies?

I love a lot of things, and there are moments when I prefer one to another hobby. Some of them are writing, reading, painting, gardening, working out, cooking, baking…

I am very creative, so I also like most of the things that include creating something.

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6. How many items of clothes do you possess?

A lot! Too much to be honest. As I prefer being nude, it is not possible to be always nude, so if I have to wear clothes I like to be pretty. Therefore I buy clothes that are nice to me and as a result, I have too much of it.

7. How did you realize that nudism is for you?

Actually, I have answered that pretty detailed in this post: How did I become Naturism Girl, so please check it out.

8. What is your sexual orientation?


9. Are you married / in a relationship?

I am in a  long relationship 😉

10. Who takes your photos?

I am very happy that my boyfriendo is a professional photographer, so naturally, he takes all of my photos 🙂





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