Oriental Beach Village Phuket, Thailand – review

Without any doubt, I dare to say that Oriental beach village is the jewel in the crown of naturism in Thailand. This beautiful naturist resort is located on the beach and is the only one in Thailand where you can experience the freedom of being naked while relaxing on the long sandy beach and swimming in the ocean.




Naturist resort Oriental beach village is located on the island of Ko Kho Khao, 90 km from Phuket, 60 km from Khao Sok National Park and 20 km from Khao Lak.

I was traveling from Khao Sok National Park with the bus to the Takua Pa and from there with a car to the Baan Naam Khem Pier. There I just take a ferry and it was only about 10 minutes long drive. There are ferries going every hour from 7 am to 6 pm.

When you get to the Ko Kho Khao island you can take a taxi to the Oriental beach village or you can organize transport with the resort. The resort also offers transport from Phuket, Krabi and Surat Thani that you can organize by contacting them.

The resort itself is perfectly situated on the long sandy beach, inside a pine tree forest.

About the resort

Naturist resort Oriental beach village is the first naturist resort in Thailand where you can enjoy the freedom of nudism on the beach. There is no wonder that Oriental beach village is, therefore, the most popular naturist resort in Thailand. But there are many more reasons why this resort is a perfect choice for amazing nudist vacation.


Long, long, long sandy beach

When I am in tropics, I want to feel like being in tropics. That means when I am on the beach I want to be on the “endless”, long, sandy beach where I can go for a run in the morning or a long walks in the sunset. I want to sit in the shade of a palm tree and enjoy a cold drink. I want to wake up and go straight to the beach to take a swim before breakfast. And I want to do all that nude. In Oriental beach village, every one of those things is possible. I really enjoyed walking barefoot and the feeling of powdery sand under my feet.

Sometimes I preferred hanging around and meeting new people, but sometimes I just wanted to enjoy the unreal beauty that surrounded me all alone, in peace and quiet.




The other thing that blew my mind is the pool! When you don´t want to get all salty and sandy or you just want to cool down and relax jumping into this beautiful pool is a perfect choice. I enjoyed relaxing in the pool the most in the evening, after dinner with a glass of drink.


Being on the vacation does not mean that you have to get out of shape. If you love to work out there is nothing better than having a gym to use in your resort during your holidays. I try to work out daily, as we all know that it is hard to get back to working out when you stopped for a longer time. Oriental beach village has an amazing gym, which is very well equipped. So after a morning run on the beach, or a swim, you can go straight to the gym.

Mountain bikes

If you prefer riding bikes, you can get them for free in the resort. They are also a perfect choice to explore the beautiful surrounding of the Oriental beach village resort. Just don´t forget to put your clothes on when leaving the resort!

Sauna & Thai massage

After working out or spending the day on the mountain bikes exploring around, there is nothing better than to treat yourself. And can you imagine a better way to do this in Thailand than with a Thai massage? I think not. Thai massage is something I enjoyed in as often as possible (read almost every day 😀 ).

Besides Thai massage, you can treat yourself in the sauna. Make sure you check out what are the benefits of the sauna here.

Accommodation & more

Paulo, the owner of Oriental beach village is also the owner of the naturist resort Oriental village in Chiang Mai, and if you were there then you know that every little thing is perfect. From the charming decoration to the helpful staff, everything is as it has to be so you can enjoy your perfect nudist holiday. And the situation is exactly the same in the Oriental beach village.



There are four types of accommodation in Oriental beach village: Villa Shared, Mini-Suite 1 Bedroom, Suite of 2 Bedrooms and Villa 2 Bedrooms. The prices are from 3.500 to 7.000 THB per night.

Have in mind that you can choose a very popular “long stay” from 2 weeks or longer and than the prices are different.

All types of accommodations have a kitchen, a big dinning, and living room areas, cable TV, free Wifi, big bathrooms with a bathtub, and big rooms with big, cozy beds.

I was situated in an elegant Mini-Suite 1 Bedroom and I can say that it had all I needed and more. Even though I did not use the kitchen to cook, It was so nice to have a place where I could make myself a cup of coffee or tea, or use the fridge to keep my drinks and fruits cold.


Oh, the food! I am a big lover of Thai food, and the food in the resort is amazing! The portions are big enough and incredibly tasty. After waking up I would go straight to the restaurant and start my day with delicious breakfast, coffee, juice, and fresh fruits. The breakfast is included in the price of the room, and lunch and dinner have to be paid. An authentic Thai cuisine was always my choice and the menu is big enough that you can try different, tasty food for every meal.


What to do

Well, my best advice is just to relax and enjoy it!

Take long walks on the beach, swim, explore the surrounding on the mountain bikes, use the gym, go to the sauna, have a Thai massage, relax on the pool and enjoy delicious Thai food.

If you want more excitement you can arrange a diving trip and explore magnificent, colorful, tropical underwater.

No matter how long you stay and how you choose to spend your days in this nudist tropical paradise, I´m sure that you will plan your next visit from the moment you left!


For more information and reservation go to the Oriental Beach Village website: https://orientalbeachvillage-phuket.com/


Disclaimer: I was invited to the Oriental Beach Village as a guest, but all the opinions in the post are my own.





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