nudist tips from woman to woman

Nudist tips from woman to woman

Becoming nudist is the best thing you can you for yourself. It relates to both man and woman. But as a woman naturist, in this article, I want to focus to the benefits that naturism and nudism give to the woman, and share some of the bits of advice and tips for the ladies.

All the gentleman looking for tips for the man can take a look in this “nudist tips from man to man” 

1) First time on the nudist beach

nudist beach

Every first start is a big step. No matter if it is the first day at the school, the first day on a new job, first date…or first time on the nudist beach. There is usually a little bit of fussiness before that big “first timer”, a little bit of overthinking, imagining, and a lot of what if/how questions running through our head. Together with a lot of questioning ourselves: will I look funny? am I good enough? what will others think about me? etc.  All of this is not strange since we know that every “first” is the one you´ll remember. And very often based on this first experience we will or will not want to repeat that experience ever again.


If you were never before naked outside your shower and a bed I would not recommend that you just go to the nude beach, take off your clothes and simply enjoy. Why? Well, most likely you will not be comfortable. And that´s why you will not enjoy. There are a few steps I would recommend doing before the actual first time on the nude beach, and you can check them here: how to become nudist. 


So, when you are comfortable with your own naked body when you understand that all bodies are different, that no one will be judging your look, and that people on the nudist beach are not different than people on the textile beach you are ready to fully experience all the glory of nudist beach.


When you arrive at the nude beach and pick up your spot, if you need, take a little time to adjust. Strip to the topless at first and take a few minutes to get comfortable to the naked people around you. This few minutes will be enough as you will see that people are not staring at you and that they are not doing anything strange. They are just fully enjoying freedom and nature. And this amazing feeling is the best experience you can have.

2) Body Shapes

nude badminton

We all look different and that is the beauty of the human body. Some of us have few kilos too much, some of us have few kilos too many. Some have bigger boobs, some have small ones. Some of us have long legs, some of us don´t.

That is something that you see daily: on the job, at the supermarket, in the streets.

But, with clothes, we can mask what we think our imperfections are and emphasize parts that we like on ourselves. We can hide our cellulitis, stretch marks and all the other things that make us unconfident.


On the nudist beach, you can’t hide anything. You are what you truly are in front of everybody. And everybody is what they are in front of you. There are no masks, no pretending. That´s one of the reasons why I think that before going to the nude beach you first need to get comfortable with your body.

3) Nudist “Hairstyles”


I got a lot of question regarding on how to shape pubic hair. Women are afraid that they will be the only one unshaved, or only one shaved. But, there is no rule. If you like having it all natural, let it be. If you feel the best when totally shaved, that´s the way you should also “wear it” on the nudist beach. If you prefer having a little triangle, the shape of the lightning or whatever you like the most, that is exactly how you should be. Just like the hairstyles on your head, you should have it the way you like it.

4) Menstruation

Ada Bojana - nudism

Oh yes, let´s talk about that bloody hell time of the month. All of us ladies have it and it is perfectly normal to talk about this. You have finally arrived on your vacation, and so is your menstruation. Because, why would you enjoy without it, right?

So, how to deal with that on a nudist beach? There are two perfect ways, both of them accepted in the nudist camps/beaches, etc, and you can just pick the one that suits you more.


The first way is to wear panties and only to be topless. In all the camps/beaches I have been it is ok for a woman to wear panties when they have menstruation even if there is a strictly “no clothes” policy. That´s the way you can have your tampon or menstruation cup without a fear that it will leave traces or be visible.


The second way is just to be naked. Of course, having your tampon or menstruation cup. If you wish, you can “hide” the string of your tampon by placing it a little bit inside.


There is absolutely not a single valid reason for you not to go to the nudist beach just because you have menstruation. Half of the population of this planet is having it, it is a natural and normal thing, and definitely not something to be ashamed of, or letting it control where you will go and what will you do.


5) Love your body

gym at the Barefeet Naturist Resort

To be honest, I was treating my body so badly before I have started a naturist lifestyle. Most of the times I was eating crappy food, drinking bad wines, never exercise, never treat my body as my temple. And with naturism, I have realized that I need not only to be comfortable with my body, but I need to love my body. Treat my body with care and respect because my body is my only home.


With that kind of thinking, I started to change my habits.

Now I´ll choose fruits and vegetables over fast food, I´ll prepare tasty meals with fish and seafood instead of buying something in the bakery. Of course, that does not mean that I never eat pizza, cakes and things like that. I do, and I enjoy them. But not every day. On a daily basis, I always try to choose tasty, healthier alternatives.

sauna in Barefeet Naturist Resort

With taking care of my body from the inside, I also started taking care of my body from the outside. That means that I am working out, I am going to the sauna, getting a massage, use body lotions on my skin…


You should do all those good things for your body. Not only to look better but more importantly to feel better. If you start to work out and eat right you will be healthier, more self-confident and happier. If you start to nurture your body like it deserves you will feel better in your skin.

Thai massage in Barefeet Naturist Resort

Your body is your temple, but at the same time, it is an amazing, strong machine that has no limits. We create them in our mind. Train your body so it will do for you everything you want it to do: climb that mountain, swim faster, run 5km longer.


Your body is your home, your temple and your life´s work of art. Never stop working on it, never stop improving it and never stop loving it. Your body is you.

And naturism is the best way to really get to know your body, appreciate it and to love it.

6) Love your soul

nudism in Thailand

With naturism, I didn´t only start to love my body but have also started to love my soul. I started to nurture moments of silence when I could be alone with myself, alone with my mind. I experienced new freedom in mind that meant that it is ok to love yourself, to do small things that makes you smile, to do the big thing just because they will make you happy. It is ok to listen to your own needs. To find time and paint and do all the things you love doing but never make time for doing them.

Make time for yourself. Listen to your soul and do all the things that make you feel like yourself, that makes you feel free and fulfilled.

7) Connections

Ada Bojana - nudism

Naturism is more than just being naked. It gives you so many connections, you just need to embrace them.

It will learn you to connect with yourself. If you are practicing nudism/naturism with your partner you will find a better connection between the two of you.

nude in nature

By being naked in nature you will find a connection to the nature that surrounds you, you will feel the wind, smell the air, see all the beauties Nature is giving to you. You will learn to appreciate the Nature, understand it and truly feel it with all of your senses.

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