Nudism on rivers

Wild rivers are one of my favourite places for nudism. Pure nature, no people and the sound of flowing water is all I need to be naked and happy 🙂

Honestly, can you even imagine more perfect place for nudism than on wild rivers? Even if you are just starting to explore nudist part of yourself rivers are great place to start! Check out this post with advises on how to become nudist / naturist.

nudism on rivers


If you were never nude on a river then this is the question that is probably now stuck in your head. Well here we go…

First of all wild rivers are amazing! And that should be enough to take off your clothes and enjoy but I bet you need something more than this…

nude girl on river

nude on river

Imagine this: You are in a perfect peace of nature. Just you. You can not see another person. You can not hear noise of cars, peoples, machines… All you can hear is  birds singing most beautiful song, flowing water that carries away all the troubles and wind dancing with the leafs. You can feel the sun on every inch of your naked body and when you wish to refresh yourself you just lay down and let the river flow over your body. You can play with pebbles, you can dance on a solid wood.

nude girl on river

If you were able to imagine this, now is the time to experience it. Enjoy at the rivers, feel them, free, naked and happy.

Check out the video from one of my most favourite river and don´t forget to subscribe to my new YouTube channel 🙂

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