Nudism = Happiness

Are nudists and naturists happier than the rest of the world?
Are they more connected with Nature and does that deep connection gives them
different (even better) understanding of themselves?

I am thinking about it for some time now. Since the beginning of my naked journey, my life has changed
to better without any doubt. But the questions are why and how naturism/nudism changed my life?

Taking care of my body

The most obvious thing that changed in my life is that I started to spend any time that I can, being naked. And the more time I was spending naked the more I was paying attention to my body. I started to treat my body as my temple, as my home. I started to appreciate my own body. It was not, and it is not a perfect body, but it is the only I have and I can’t get a new one. If I want it to be healthier, if I want it to look better I have to work on it, take care of it.

Before my nudist journey, I was taking my body for granted. Wasn’t eating good, wasn’t working out at all… All I have done for my body was to wash it and use body lotion twice a year (if I even had remembered).

From becoming a naturist a treat my body with respect as it deserves. And I do it from the inside and outside. I eat much healthier. Of course, I still eat pizza, ice cream, and chocolate. And I still enjoy a glass or two of good wine or beer. But, at the same time, I eat lots of fruit, vegetables, and all the healthy food. I rather choose dark chocolate and some nuts than pink candy. I work out regularly. Relax my body with sauna and massage. Use body lotion daily…. My body is thankful for that.

Taking care of my mind


With changes on my body, with naturism also came changes in my mind.

First of all, I become more connected with myself. I started to understand myself more than ever. I have become more positive about myself in every aspect.  Before that, body-positivity was just a myth for me. Now, I love myself, and I have more confidence in myself like never before.

More changes happened inside me. I understand my reactions better. I know how will I react in certain situations. Sometimes I wish I can control myself better, but at the end of the day, I am aware that I am deeply emotional. But  I understand relation with every situation, every emotion, and my reaction and am grateful for that.

How did naturism help me with this?

Simply, by spending time nude, in nature, with myself I learned so much about me. By spending time nude with other people I have learned even more.

Connecting with nature

I  always was a nature lover. Always enjoyed spending time in nature. Becoming a naturist/nudist only multiplied my connection and love to nature.  It is hard to explain if you haven’t felt it by yourself.  That special feeling of freedom when you are one with nature. When you are completely naked and feel the Mother Earth with your entire body. Standing barefoot on the green grass, rocks, in the mud or snow. Letting wind to touch your skin. Being touched by the sun. Dive deep in the water… It is remarkable. Hard to describe and at the same time so right and special.

Yes. Naturism and nudism equal happiness. In every way, you can think of.


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  1. I total agree with you, I have been a naturist for over 30 years and it is the best thing I have ever done.
    You feel better gets rid of all stress just being with nature feeling the sun and wind on your body walking along wooded and grass fields and swimming in the lakes and pools .
    And the people I have met from all over the world that are like minded have become friends for life.

  2. Hi I totally agree with all your comments about been one with nature and how happier us naturists are. We are inspired by nature! I have been a Naturist all my life .I travel regularly to naturist beaches and resorts. Naturism is my life and I crave for genuine naturist friends. My email is if any one interested in emailing me. Cheers and thanks

  3. Once again Naturism Girl, you are spot on. Nudism IS happiness. We can call this Nudiness. Once you embrace naturism as your lifestyle, it creates such a layer of wellbeing that it becomes difficult to come back to the textile world. It’s very difficult to understand for non naturists, but so wonderful. Keep up your great work on the blog! All the best!

  4. Great blog that is really encouraging me. Just starting out on my naturist journey by sleeping nude. The feel of cotton sheets is so good and I can imagine how good it feels to be out in the open air naked.

  5. I really like the way you think, nudism is the last freedom we have.

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  7. I wholeheartedly agree with your thoughts here. I too have noticed over the last 2 years of part time nudist life that I am paying more attention to my “temple “. It’s a healthy revolution and revelation.

  8. ThanK you Diana for sharing your thoughts about nudism habe you ever tried nude yoga?think you will love it

  9. Great article. Only a few women free their minds and you are one of them. Nudism should be for everyone. There’s nothing to be ashamed for, as we came out of this world naked. This is our true nature. Being naked in the body and the soul. This is freedom with many benefits. One of this is our connection with nature and mother earth. Have a great day!

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