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Exciting news for nudist travellers

If you are a nudist / naturist traveller then you love planning new trips just like I do. But there is that one thing that is driving you crazy –  finding accommodation! And by that I mean at a nudist / naturist friendly place to stay. That was the biggest problem for me. But now – taadaaa – there is a perfect solution to that – Naturist BNB ! It is a site that is all about naturist friendly accommodation booking, how perfect is that?

Finding accommodation

I almost always had the problem with finding a place to stay when travelling. Not because I am too picky, but because I want to be naked.  And when I am staying in a house or apartment I want to be naked without hiding. That means that I want to feel free. If there is a pool or a garden I want to feel free to enjoy in it without clothes. And without worries that a host or neighbours would be complaining. And to find that was usually not easy thing to do.

Travelling in summer was always the best for me. I love the sun, high temperatures and I LOVE the sea. And I also love the fact that it is easy for me to find a place to stay in which I can always be naked. As I am nature lover and love being outside most of my summers I spend camping. There are a lot of naturist / nudist / clothes optional camps and they are not hard to find. And for me being in camp that is on the beach with no clothes is a perfect summer vacation.

BUT, for me that works only during the summer and during the holidays. So, when I am not going to the sea where I could go to the camp I am usually in problem. If I book an apartment or a house I am always naked, but only inside. Then I don´t feel free, because I have to hide the fact that I am naturist, and that is why it feels like I am doing something wrong. And one thing is certain – NUDISM IS NOT WRONG. Nudism is natural.

Naturist BnB

So, you could only imagine my excitement when I found out that there is a booking site that provides only naturist friendly accommodation! Naturist BnB is quite a new site, but I feel in love at the first glance. It is super easy to use and very user friendly. It has great accommodations and the best part – whatever you choose to stay is for naturist / nudist! Isn´t this awesome?! There is no more being naked only in secret behind the closed doors when I travel!

If you ask me this booking site is the best thing I discovered this year! But, don´t let me talk about it, check it out yourself:


P.s. Let me know what you think about it 🙂






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