Naturism & Sex

Sex. Something so normal. Something we all are doing and loving. Sex. Such a great pleasure. And yet, there is probably nothing more controversial. And if you are a naturist well… then this beautiful, magnificent, great sex is something not to talk about.

Why naturists don´t like to talk about sex?

People who are not naturists and don´t understand that lifestyle often has miss-belief that naturism is all about sex. People are naked together, and therefore there must be some wild sex including actions. This is so wrong. When in a naturist resort/beach/wherever there is no difference in peoples behaving than in any place where people are wearing some kind of clothes. So, in naturists beaches/resorts/other places, you will not find wild orgies. We do not have sex with random people we meet just because we are naked. This miss-belief is the main reason why naturists don´t like to talk about sex. We want people to understand that naturism is perfectly normal, that we are ordinary people who are spending time with friends, with family, with loved ones. We are going on vacations, having parties at home and doing everything else just like all the other people. There is no difference in what we do and what people who prefer wearing clothes are doing. Only one little thing, we are doing it naked.


What about sex in nudist resorts?

So you have found a perfect naturist resort for your holiday. You are planning to stay there for 2 weeks. Does it mean that you can’t have sex with your partner? Absolutely not!

You can have sex whenever you want, just not wherever you want. If you try to have sex on a beach full of people, families with children, or on the public places inside the resort you will be kicked out. But when you are in your room, tent or so, you can enjoy mind-blowing sex.


What about gays, bisexuals, swingers and all the other sexually open-minded people?

In all the places I´ve been everybody is welcome as long as you leave your sexual activities inside your room.

But, at the same time, you can also find sexually open places. Places where you can besides being naked also enjoy sexual freedom on the beach, where there are parties organized and where you can have a great time with like-minded people.

Depending on what are you looking for, you can choose a destination that fits your needs and interests the best.


My personal feelings towards the connection between naturism and sex

To me, naturism and sexuality are deeply connected and at the same time two very different things.

Naturism is for me so much more than just being naked. For me, it is a connection with the Earth, its nature, its creatures. Connection with people who are with me. And most of all contact with myself. With discovering of naturism, I found myself. A person inside of me that is scared to go out when I put clothes on my body. The person that is free, open, happy that is life.

I feel like every time I am naked I am a better person, happier, someone, who feels the nature, who feels herself, her body and mind. Who is open to new experiences and intense feelings.

And sex is an essential part of my life. With naturism, I learned so much about myself, and I learned a lot about my body, needs, interests, and passions in every aspect including sex. I believe that there is no feeling so pure, intense, healing and magnificent than to forget everything and just feel the touch on your body, listen to heartbeats and breathing of your partner, melt under his/her touches, kisses and losing yourself in an intense orgasm.

And being naked with your partner can wake up the passion more often. To see him completely naked in his full glory wakes up my inner sex goddess and most of the time I wish to melt in his arms.

But at the same time, I learned to control that. So I can just relax, read, cook, workout, swim and have fun naked without any sexual thought.

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  1. Thanks for this. In fact, I would say naturists are more honest about sex, and when/where to have it than most of the general public at large. I think you have inspired me to blog on that!

    Nice piece.

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