Naked at the beach in SE Asia

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After about two years of traveling complications caused by the COVID, things are finally loosening up a bit. I couldn’t be happier to “exchange” one month of cold winter for the warm sun and tropical climate. I’ve decided to go to SE Asia. Again.

I’ve already been to Se Asia several times. And it’s safe to say that ill be returning there for the rest of my life. From the first time, I’ve fallen in love with this part of the world. To be more precise, ever since my first visit, I’ve felt like I belong there. I’ve created a deep connection with its breathtaking nature, remarkable culture, delicious cuisine, and most friendly people in the world. Yes, I feel like SE Asia is my home away from home.

As much as I love every other bit of the life there, there is one thing in particular I wish will continue to develop with time – nudism.

Even though there are several nudist resorts (great ones!) in SE Asia – in the Philippines, Bali, and most of them in Thailand (Check out my guide to nudist resorts in Thailand here) nudism is still not fully accepted by the people living there. Things look like getting much better, and hopefully one day, in the near future, it will be fully accepted.

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