Love Naturism – How did I become Naturism Girl

I was wrong about Naturism


Naturism is so much more than just being naked. It is a way of life.

The first touch with naturism for me was in summer 2012. My partner was naturist long before we met and he introduced naturism to me. Before that I know that there are people who loves being naked in public/nature and in other places. To be honest I didn´t know much about it but I had prejudices just like so many people have. I thought that naturism/nudism is all about two different extremes. First one was that only old people are nudists/naturists and the other extreme was that naturism/nudism is only for people that looks like top models and that this lifestyle has a lot to do with sex.

I was so very wrong!


How did I become Naturist?

As my partner was naturist before we met, he was  describing to me what naturism is for him. He was describing to me how actually it looks like being at a nudist beach. Very quickly I discovered that all that perjudices are simply stupid and nothing more than just a imagination of people who never talked to a naturist or was never even near a nudist place.

The naturist lifestyle he was describing started being more and more attractive to me and I wanted to give it a try. It sounds perfect to me – being naked so you can feel the sun on your entire body, feeling free, thinking about your body as your temple…


First time at the naturist camp

It didn´t take long before we headed to the naturist camp in the island of Krk in Croatia. The idea was simple – if I would like it we would stay, If I would feel uncomfortable we would leave immediately.

We left our car at the reception and walked trough the camp to find us a camping place. While walking trough naturist camp and seeing all that normal naked people enjoying in the sun and sea, smiling, talking, eating, playing with kids… doing everything just without clothes, I wanted to feel that freedom on my own.


Taking off my clothes

While I could easily take off my clothes everywhere inside the camp, since the two of us were probably the only ones with clothes on, I decided to do it on the beach. Worried if I would feel uncomfortable, my partner offered to go with me. But that was the thing I wanted to do myself.

For the first couple of minutes as I was standing still wearing clothes in the middle of the nudist beach I realised that nobody is staring at me. Also, I realised that people in this naturist camp are just the same as people in any other textile camp. There are some old, some young, some families, some looking like models, some looking not so good.

I have found the place for myself at the end of the beach and started slowly taking off my clothes. When I was completely naked I was shure that someone would stare at me. Well, quess what? Nobody was staring, nobody was commenting, nobody was rude. And when realised that I felt relaxed and free like never before.

Being one with the nature

From that very fist time when I had the privilege to feel this freedom I fell in love in naturism. I fell in love with the feeling of the sun on every inch of my naked body, to the feeling of its warm rays gently kissing my skin. To the wind that is blowing trough my hair. To the touch of the fresh water on my entire body. I feel in love with the freedom that is giving me the privilege to be one with the nature.


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  1. Just came across your blog and I love it! I too discovered naturism around 2012/2013 and I have been hooked since then! I have been to several naked bike rides as well as nude beaches. have you gone to any naked bike rides yet?

    1. Hey, I am glad you like it 🙂
      No, I didn´t yet, but it sounds interesting!

  2. Your last paragraph just sums up naturism perfectly, particularly the “one with nature” phrase.

    1. Thank you! 🙂 Mabye not all think like that, but this is how I feel being naked. So it is just reflection of my feelings and reasons why I become naturist. I will be very happy if there are people who can relate with that 🙂

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