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Is nudism for families?

It is easy to decide to go nude when you are at your own. Or even if you have an open-minded partner. But what happens when you have a family, kids? Is nudism for families?The shortest answer would be: Yes, nudism is normal therefore nudism is for families. But I bet you need to know more than that.


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If you have your own kids already, or your family members or friends have kids then you know that kids just love being nude. The smaller they are the more they love being naked. They will take off they clothes whenever they can. And they will try to do that no matter if they are in the store, restaurant or at home.


When you think that some pervert may be looking you naked you donĀ“t feel good, and thinking that there are some people with bad intentions looking at your kid makes you sick.
But let me tell you something. Nudists are very protective and friendly. I have never felt safer than on a nudist resort. There are young couples, married people, and families with kids and as all nude and vulnerable everybody watch each other back. It is like unwritten rule. So if someone is having too much attention in kids people will notice and react.

family nudism


Over the years I have notice something very interesting. As smaller kids love being nude it seems that older ones tends to put clothes back on. Usually in nudist resorts or beaches you can see families. Mom, dad and smaller kids are nude but most of teenager kids are wearing swimming suit. It is usually just a phase that lasts only for a summer or two when their body is changing and they need some time to get used to it. After that they usually continue to enjoy in nudism.


Kids that are used to nudity will not sexualize naked body when they come to their teenager age. They have already seen everything so most likely they will not feel the urge not to be the last one to see naked boobs.

Also, seeing naked bodies in all sizes and shapes with all the imperfections is good for their confidence. Nowadays when all the models are super photoshoped seeing real bodies is a great way to be more realistic and respect other people no matter of their body appearance.

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  1. I’ve been looking into the studies of nudism and the efficts it has on children. From what I’ve read, there is a lot of positives, much of what I’ve seen in your writings. Thanks for the posts.

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