how to stay nudist during winter

How to stay nudist during winter?

As the colder day arrived, one of the most questions I receive in my mail is: “How to stay nudist during winter?” I am not the queen of nudism, and I can´t give you some rules you have to obey, but I can share with you how am I dealing with winter and give you some ideas.


If you have a home where you can be nude all day, it is a win. You can call over your nudist friends and have a party, play some games or have a nice dinner and enjoy the nudist company. But, not all nudists are so lucky. Some of them live with families that don´t like nudism and therefore can’t be naked all day long in the comfort of their warm home. So, if you are one of them you have to get out.


If you can’t enjoy nudism in your own home, or you just want to socialize with fellow nudists, you can research nude clubs and restaurant near you and enjoy there for the whole day or just for a few hours. 


There are many nudist resorts all over the world, so I am sure you will find some close to you to go for a fantastic nudist getaway. Most of them near where I live are open only during the summer months, but there are some that are more indoor-oriented and therefore open all year long.


Sauna is one of my most favorite activities during winter. You can check out here what are some other reasons to go to the sauna beside being nude. Even more, if you combine sauna with your spa day and enjoy in exercising, massages, swimming… al nude you will have an amazing nudist day/weekend/week.


Yes, you have read that correctly. And I really mean it. Get your naked ass outside and feel the cold. Of course, if your health is good enough for it. It won´t kill you to be nude when it is cold outside. Just don´t be out for a long time or you will freeze. You can even play in the snow naked. And after that warm yourself up with a hot cup of mulled wine or cocoa wrapped out in a soft blanket in front of the fireplace.


A lot of nudists travel during winter to the part of the world where it is warm enough to be nude all day and enjoy in outdoor activities. There are a lot of tropical countries to choose from, so pick one, take a flight and take off your close to enjoy your nudist tropical paradise.


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  1. I can stay all day hude in my home but like sometimes go out at Winter.Of course for not long time and if no wind.

  2. I love the photos. I’ve been planning on becoming a naturist for years but have never had the courage to do so.


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