How to stay nudist during the COVID pandemic

Even during normal times, it is not always easy to be nudist.  A lot of people don’t understand or don’t want to understand this lifestyle. They think that we are weird or see something wrong with being nude, have the wrong perception and refuse to educate themself about it. And that is something we need to deal with on a daily basis.

And now it is even harder to stay nudist during the COVID pandemic going on around the world.

In Many countries, nudism is forbidden and illegal. In the others, you can be nude only in places like nudist resorts nudist beaches or similar. Can’t be nude in any public places that are not specialized nudist areas. So you can’t just go for a hike or ride a bike, go for a walk , to the swimming pool or of the restaurant, you cant do all the normal everyday things naked.

All that we have left are specialized nudist places and our home. Right now with this pandemic going on, all of the nudist places have been closed so it looks like all we have left is our home.

How you stay nudist during these times?

Home nudist

If you’re lucky to live alone or with nudist family this lockdown it’s not affecting your nudist lifestyle so much. You can always be nude at home. You can cook naked, you can workout naked, you can invite friends and socialize in the nude. If you have a garden you can be naked outside also. You can do naked gardening, barbecue, or simply just sunbathe and read a book naked.

There are a lot of possibilities. All you have to do is take off your clothes and enjoying the day naked.


Not all can be home nudists

But Not all of us have the freedom to be naked in there home. Some of us maybe living in a family that doesn’t approve a nudist lifestyle. Some of us are maybe afraid to relieve the lifestyle do the family members they live with. So for them, nudist resorts end beaches are the only places where they can live their nudist lifestyle. The only places where they can be nude end free.

Nudist in nature

Public nudity is illegal in most countries. You can get fine or even be arrested for being nude in places that are not officially nudists areas. Please have this in mind and check out what is illegal in your country before doing anything I will suggest.

nude girl on river

If you are a naturist you are probably an outdoors person who loves to spend time in nature. So you can probably find nice hidden private places where you can be nude. You can go to the river, lake, forest, mountain or bay, whatever is closest to you.

camp baldarin

Of course, you will not just strip off your clothes and be naked where you could be seen if you are not in the official nudist area and if being nude is illegal in your country. You will have to go a bit further from the path and find yourself a nice hidden spot. When you’re sure that you are alone and that nobody can see you, take off your clothes end enjoy the freedom. Hike, walk around, sunbathe, go skinny dipping.

But remember if you are naked in public places and it is illegal in your country you could have serious problems if someone sees you. Always have your clothes near so if you hear anyone coming you can dress quickly. I know this is sad but this is the way it is. It is sad to think that you have to be hiding for not doing anything wrong.

Because nudism is not wrong it is normal.

nudist hiking

And this is the only advice I can give you to help you stay nudist during this hard time: be nude as much as possible. In your home, in your garden, in nature. Things will change and it’ll be a little easier again. Until then all we can do is to take care of ourselves – our body, spirit, and mind. To enjoy every little positive thing. To be naked, to be happy and to be free.

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