How to introduce nudism to your partner

I get all sorts of questions about nudism, but how to introduce nudism to the partner is very often asked. It does not matter if it is a new partner or a long-term girlfriend/boyfriend or even a spouse. It seems like a lot of nudists deal with this “problem”. The problem lies in the feeling that they and their significant other are living two different lifestyles and well, they want to merge them and enjoy together. Naked. Some have already tried and failed, others are still afraid to ask because they are worried that their partner will not only say “no” but that they will be misunderstood or even accused of being “weird” or even worse.

What NOT to do

I decided to start this with a list of things you definitely should not do. Ever.
Why is this so important that I start with what not to do? Because if you do, your partner most likely will never want to have anything with nudism, but it’s quite possible that they will not want to have anything with you ever again.

Do not demand it 

Do not demand it in any way. Do not guilt trip, do not play any games. 
Do-not-demand-it, and I can’t stress this enough. There are no circumstances in this or any other world that may exist that would give you the right to demand in any way that your partner has to be naked. Not in private inside your room or house, not in public at the nudist beaches or resorts. Every single person has the right and can decide for themselves if they want to be naked or not. This is their choice and their choice only. Respect that.

Do not compare

Don’t try to get your partner into nudism by comparing them with someone else. And with that, I don’t mean you are not allowed to show or tell them some examples of nudists. What I mean is don’t even try to start with “how can they be naked and you can’t” this will take you nowhere.
Also, don’t try with stories about how there was the most beautiful person you ever saw at the nudist beach the last time you were there. Just don’t do it. Trust me

Do not take your partner to the nudist beach/resort by surprise

If you think that you have a perfect idea, you’ll say to your partner that you are taking them to a surprise vacation that you have all arranged or booked, tell them to pack light and they will love it there…and then just bring them to a nudist place….guess what? Think again. This is a terrible idea. Can you imagine how furious they will be? Getting them to a nudist place and expecting that they will just take off their clothes (while they were never even a home nudist) and enjoy the newly discovered nudist lifestyle will probably only result in a break-up. If someone did it to me before I was a nudist, I would most likely not only freak out leave that place immediately but also put a restraining order on you. Ok maybe I’m overstating a bit, but you got the point.

What to do

Now when we’ve gone through the worst possible ways to get your partner into nudism, the top three forbidden things, it’s time to get into what to. How to introduce nudism to your partner in a way that they will at least consider thinking about giving it a try.

Be open and honest

If your partner doesn’t even know yet about your nudist lifestyle, start with that.
It doesn’t have to be an awkward “sit down, I have something important to tell you” way. You can introduce it more naturally. Sleep naked. Spend some time naked after the shower. Make your morning coffee naked. You get it. Start small. And of course, don’t forget to say that you enjoy being without clothes. That it makes you feel better, freer, more confident. That you love the feeling of warm sun on your naked skin. Don’t make it sexual. Nudism is not sexual.
Ask your partner to join you in that little nude moments inside the privacy of your house, and see how they feel about it. 

Teach your partner what nudism is about

Before I started my nudist lifestyle, I wasn’t really thinking about nudism as a possible way of lifestyle. I didn’t even think of it as a lifestyle. I knew nothing about it. When there were some mentions of nudist places anywhere, I just thought it is either a weird place for kinky old people to hang around or the other extreme – that it is just a “code name” for a place where ideally looking magazine-cover like people have wild orgies. Oh, how was I wrong.
Don’t let your partner have the same wrong idea about naturism.
Teach them what nudism/naturism really is. Explain the benefits of it. Tell them about your feeling and reasons why are you into nudism, help them to understand this lifestyle.

Small steps

It’s highly unlikely that your partner will be ready to go naked into the crowd after your talk about nudism. Don’t start with suggesting a trip to the nudist beach, resort, or a dinner with fellow nudists. Start small. Allow them to make small steps and make their own peace to implement naturism as their lifestyle. It’s ok to start with only sleeping naked. And after a while to make another step and drink coffee naked. And after a while, to become a home nudist. 
When they will be comfortable maybe suggest a skinny dipping somewhere private with no other people. Or sunbathing. It can be in your own garden. Just so that they can feel what it’s like to be naked outside, to feel the warm sun on their skin, or the cooling breeze, or that perfect feeling when you are swimming nude, and you don’t have that stupid cold bikini that is becoming cold and annoying you.
Remember, ten small steps will take you further than one big jump done wrong where you’ll break your leg.

Talking with other nudists 

Talking with other nudists may be a great way to see outside the box. To get to know people of different sex, ages, body shapes, and even whole families and hear about their nudism experiences. To learn about freedom and body positivity that comes hand in hand with this lifestyle.
It doesn’t have to be naked get-togethers. It can be just an ordinary coffee or dinner at your favorite place where they can be relaxed and not feel like they are thrown into the fire. 
If you don’t have any good nudist friends don’t worry. After all, they can get experiences from other nudists just by reading nudist blogs. Or send me an email. I’ll be happy to answer all of their questions.

If you have talked with your partner, explain what this lifestyle is. Make them understand how much it means to you and why you want to share it with them. Try to take small steps into introducing them to nudism. And still, nothing works. They still don’t enjoy being nude. Still can’t wait to put the clothes back on. Or don’t even want to spend naked any second longer than they are in the shower. 
What then? How to turn them into nudists? 
The answer is straightforward: Then nothing. It is their life, their choice. Not everyone is the same, and no matter how crazy you must think it is to wear a cold, wet swimsuit while you can be naked, it is not your choice to make. No matter how much you and I love nudism, we must be realistic. Nudism is not for everyone, no matter how much we would love to share that lifestyle with them, and we need to respect that.

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  1. Well written article with some good points. Nudism is definitely not for everyone. Thanks

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