Why you should go to the Sauna right now?

I am a huge sauna fan! Going into the sauna during the winter time is my favourite thing to do. Especially when I am overwhelmed  with the obligations, stressed out or I just want  to get relaxed. But there is also one more big reason why I love going to the sauna – you can be naked outside of the house during the wintertime!

I was writing about how going to the sauna is a good step if you want to become nudist. You can read about that here. In this post I will focus more in all the benefits that saunas can provide you.  I am giving you a list why you should go to the sauna right now:


You can be naked

Photo by: Terme Tuhelj

Of course that this is the the first on the list, did you even thought that Naturism Girl would choose anything else as the most important? Hehe sure I wouldn´t. For the sauna lovers there is no need for explaining this. But if you have never been in sauna you may be little confused by this. Most saunas have “no clothes” policy or at least are “clothes optional”.

“No clothes” simply means that you take off all of your clothes and enjoy in sauna completely naked. You are sitting or laying down on a towel or if you don´t like the idea of being naked ( even though I can´t imagine why the heck you would not like it ) you can wrap towel around your naked body. But all in all there is no clothes allowed.

“Clothes optional” means that you can choose if you want to be naked or you want to have some clothes on. That way if you are not comfortable naked or wrapped into the towel you can wear swimsuit. But you have to be aware that the fact that you may not feel good naked doesn´t mean that others feels the same way. So probably people around you will be naked and if are any like me will be very happy for that.


Stress and pain relive

Saunas are quiet places and inside of them there are no distractions from the outside so you can easily forget about everything that is bothering you. Saunas are very warm and their heat is one of the stress relive factors. That heat relaxes the muscles on our body, improve blood circulation and stimulates the release of endorphinis.  As you know endorphinis is a body natural “feel good” chemical and is one of the reason why you feel so good after the sauna. With better blood circulation and raised body temperature the body´s natural healing process is faster which means soothing pain and faster healing of minor bruises and cuts. How great is that?!


Detoxify your body

As we all know due to the heat in sauna our bodies sweat a lot. This is not something that we would love to happen anywhere outside the sauna, but in there the more you are sweating – the better. Detoxifying is becoming more and more popular nowdays, but it is not just some fancy thing to do. Due to the modern lifestyle detoxifying your body from time to time is something that we all should do. From everyday activities we absorb toxins in our bodies – lead, copper, nickel, zinc and mercury are just some of them. And they are not something we want inside our temples – our bodies. Sauna is a great helper with that also. Deep sweating in sauna is actually reducing levels of this toxins.


Makes you look better

You don´t trust me? Well this is true. Going to the sauna helps you burn calories and cleanses your skin!

Burn calories

According to the U.S. Army medical research if you are a moderately conditioned person you can easily sweat off 500 grams in a single session in sauna consuming about 300 grams of calories in that process. That is happening because sweating process requires a notable amount of energy.

Cleanses your skin

You all know that heat bathing is good for your skin. When you are in sauna and your body starts to produce deep sweat it is cleaning your skin. Dead skin cells are replaced, bacteria are rinsed out from the epidermal layer and your skin looks better and softer.


Feel good, look good and be naked!

Saunas have so much more benefits for you, but this are the ones that I like the most. They make you feel good, look good and you can be naked! Even during the winter. Is there anything more to wish?




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