nudist in green river

Dive into the green paradise

Beauty is all around us

Every day when you can be freely nude is a good day.

This year was… well… not so good. With the world pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, etc. I believe I´m not the only one that can´t wait for this year to be over. Hopefully, 2021 will be better.

But, there are two ways we can live our life. We can concentrate on all the bad things and cry about them, or we can concentrate on all the good things and celebrate them. I choose to be positive.

Were there more bad things happening in 2020 than good ones? Probably. Were there a lot of canceled plans? Yes.
But you know what? That is life.

I choose not to cry about all the bad things that have happened, all the missed plans, all the dreams put on hold due to the pandemic or whatever other reason. I choose to celebrate the beauty of life. All the beautiful and amazing experiences that have happened in 2020. And there were good things.

Beauty and happiness are all around us, we just need to open our eyes and learn to appreciate and celebrate small things. Check out how to stay nudist during the pandemic here.

Being able to swim nude, free in this beautiful river, diving into its green paradise is worth celebrating. It was an amazing experience and I am so grateful for it.

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