Croatia – Nudist Heaven

Have you ever been in Croatia? If not you should come this summer and enjoy in nudism!

This small country in Europe is a summer heaven for nudists. Mediterranean climate with crystal clear warm sea are hard to resist. And if I tell you that Croatia has more that 1.777 km long mainland coastline and 1246 islands you will know that you can find a place for yourself.

History of nudism

Croatia has a long history of nudism that dates from 1907 when the first official nudist beach was open in Crotian island of Rab. Because of that Croatia is a first country in Europe that started nudist tourism.

Nudism today

Today, Croatia has numerous nudist beaches, nudist camps and resorts. All you have to do is to choose the one you like the most and enjoy. Nudists from all over the world are coming every year to enjoy naked in Adriatic sea.


In the video you will see why I think Adriatic in Croatia is the most beuatiful sea and why I enjoy spending my naked summers there.



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