How to become nudist?

You want to become nudist? You heard about nudism / naturism and you think this is perfect for you. But where do you start with that kind of lifestyle? How to become nudist? Do you just take off your clothes and walk around naked proudly saying “I´m a nudist!”? NO. It is not just as simple as that and there are several valid reasons for that. So, let´s start – step by step guide on how to become nudist from my personal experience.


First things first – feeling good in your skin

This can sound unnecessarily to say but thrust me this is the most important step when becoming a nudist / naturist.  Feeling good in your skin can be so much more harder when you have absolutely no clothes on. That means you can´t simply hide your small or big imperfections. You can´t even accent things you love about yourself.

That can be hard for both men and women. We all look different, and we all have different definitions of what looks good. And, let´s be honest – we all want to look good. No matter how good we look to the others we will always find something on our bodies we are not happy with. That is just how it is.

But nudist beach is not catwalk! And don´t ever forget that. Nudist beach is not a place reserved for top models. Regular people just like me and you, people that have couple of kilos too much, people that have couple of kilos too many, short, tall, with long legs, with short legs… that are the people that you will see on a nudist beach. Normal people you can see everyday in your neighbourhood with two important things in common – they feel good in their skin and they love being naked.


Be naked at home

This is the second step I would recommended for start being a nudist. And it connects to the first step. Being naked at home is a great way to start feeling good in your skin.

I would say that feeling good in your skin is not hard at all. For start – sleep naked. When you feel good with that start being naked in home during the day.  That way you will feel normal being naked and will get used to your own naked body. Soon you will feel good and won´t concentrate on the imperfections on your body. Try passing by a mirror several times. You will notice how perfectly natural you look.


Be naked outside

When you already feel good in your skin and find it perfectly normal to be naked in your home, take a bigger step and go outside. Of course, with that I don´t mean you should walk around the streets naked! I´m sure that there are some kind of places in nature you know about where there are not any visitors. Go to the place like that where you can be alone or with your partner. It can be a place in the forest, at a lake, river, it can be a secret beach or simply your own garden with a fence tall enough so your neighbours can´t see you.

When you are sure that there is no one else take off your clothes. Feel the sun on your skin. Walk around. If you are at the secret beach at the lake, river or sea swim naked. But in places that are not official nudist places always have a towel or something besides you, so if you notice that someone is going at your direction you can easily cover yourself. It is a great thing that you enjoy being naked, but when outside if you are not at a official nudist place you have to be aware that  it is illegal so you could have troubles you don´t really want.


Be naked in public

So you already feel good being naked inside your home or outside where there is no one else but you. Now it is time for the biggest step – to be naked in public!

My personal experience was going to the nudist camp for my first time of being naked in front of the other people. I wrote about that here. You don´t have to do what I did and go to the two week vacation at the nudist camp for your first experience. There are other possibilities.


If you want to really go slow I would recommended going to the sauna for your next step. In most saunas it is a rule that you have to take off your clothes. This way you will be in a controlled environment where everybody is naked. Also, you have to be aware that not all people that goes to the saunas are nudist / naturists.

I usually think that the ones that are tightly wrapped into the towel are not nudists, and the ones that use a towel just to sit or lay down on it are. I know that this is not probably statistically correct but I love the idea of that.  Sauna is also great if you want to start nudism / naturism now during the winter time. It is actually impossible to be outside now without several layers of clothes if you do not want to freeze to death. Of course, there are others reasons why you should go to the sauna, but that is not the topic now. If you want to know about that go here.


Nudist / Naturist spa and resorts

This are another places great for winter nudism. But unlike saunas, this is a real thing – true place for nudists / naturists. There are people that have chosen this place just because it is a place where they can be naked in public along with the other people that feel the same.

And that is the beauty of all legal nudist places. You can be free, surrounded by people that are just like you. People that loves being naked as much as you do and don´t think about it as something weird or sexually . That feeling is great – to be free about what you are with the people that feels the same way.

Nudist / Naturist beaches and camps

That are my favourites! As I said, i think about myself as an naturist. I enjoy being outdoors, in nature. As a matter of fact I feel the best when I am in nature instead of being trapped inside. I can´t wait warm days when I practically live outside travelling from one place to another usually with my tent. But, to get back to the topic – nudist beaches and camps are great for summer days where you can spend whole day naked! Isn´t that a dream come true?!


Being naked in front of strangers

Being naked in public goes hand in a hand with being naked in front of strangers. That is just how it works. This is the reason I have left this as a last step in your journey of becoming a nudist. It is a one thing to be naked when you are alone or with your partner ( and even that can take some time to get used to ) but being naked in front of complete strangers can be a big deal for most people.

Probably every experienced nudist also felt nervously when was taking off clothes in front of other people for the first time. It is completely normal to feel this way. As a matter of fact a lot of people as their worst nightmare would describe a dream of being naked in front of other people.

But guess what – what is other people fear is a nudist joy. Of course what I mean is being naked in public. We enjoy that feeling. Feeling of complete freedom that we can share with other people that feels the same about it.

And as I said, you can a be little nervous about that for the first time. Or for the first couple of times. I know that I was. I thought that everyone will stare at me and will laugh at my imperfections. But the reality was completely different. No one was staring. No one was pointing finger and laughing.

So when I did take off all my clothes and when I realised that I felt better than ever before. From that first time I was at a nudist beaches and nudist / naturist camps countless times and never again felt nervous about being naked. I felt good about it and I know that I will always choose to be naked when I can.



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  1. I joy to read and to be encouraged by your advice and posts. Thank you

    1. Thank you so much! It really means a lot to me 🙂 Hope you will find posts that will come also interesting 🙂

  2. Just discovered your blog and cannot agree more with your post. Keep up the good work and continue sharing the love of nudism!

    1. Hey Marc, thank you so much and welcome! Hope you will enjoy new posts 🙂

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