April on Patreon

As you already know, I have opened my Patreon profile some time ago.  The reason why I decided to do so is that making quality photo series and videos takes time and money. So, with becoming my Patron you are basically supporting my work with the amount that works for you (from 1$ to 150$ ), and as a Patron every month you get access to an exclusive content that is not available anywhere else (video, photo albums, desktop wallpapers, calendars…).

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Inside fun

naturism girl

The Aprils theme on my Patreon profile is “Inside fun”. As a naturist, I enjoy spending my naked time outside, but at the same time, I am naked inside whenever I can. Photos, video and everything else is from the indoors: bedroom, bathroom, living room… Scenes of me taking a bath, enjoying my coffee, etc can be found in the photo album. And in video “oily massage” you can see one of my most favorite relaxing rituals.

If you would like to join to my Patreon and support my work, you can do it here: https://www.patreon.com/naturismgirl

oily massage




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