About Me

Hi, welcome to the Naturism Girl blog!

I am Naturism Girl, a European girl in late 20s  that loves Naturism and Nudist way of life.  In this blog I will write about travel, nature, lifestyle  and all things related to the Naturism and Nudism.

Somewhere in 2012. I discovered naturism and fell in love the very first time the sun touched my naked body. From than till now I am enjoying naturism way of life and the feeling of pure freedom that it is giving me.

In my posts I will try to share with you my stories, reccomend awsome places for nudists and revise all the nudist places I´ve been to. I will talk about travel, but also will try to give some informations about things I wish I knew when just started this lifestyle. Also, I will talk about the fact that naturism/nudism is still quite a taboo.


Hopefully this website will the place for open minded people that loves travels, nature, having fun, taking care of yourselves.


This website will never contain any kind of porn content so if that is a reason why are you here you´re in the wrong place.


If there is anything you wish to ask me, feel free to send me email, I always respond 🙂


Naturism Girl