nudist hiking

Why I love nudist hiking?

As a true naturist there is nothing I enjoy more then being in nature…without clothes. As I said so many times before, for me there is something very special in the feeling of freedom that is given to you when you are truly becoming one with the nature, without chains of clothes. And nudist hiking is one of the purest feelings of being alive.

nudist hiking

Every part of nature is important to me. If I had to choose between the sea, rivers, lakes, mountains, forests I could not choose my favourite. To me, there is something special and unique in every single of them. But at the same time all of them have one thing in common – providing that special feeling of freedom and perhaps more important – feeling of being alive.


Why I love rivers you can read here.


And now I want to share with you my love for mountains and nudist hiking.

There is a peace of my heart that is reserved only for mountains. And nudist hiking. I love hiking in the spring/summer/autumn when the weather is good and it is “easy” to go to the top of the mountain. But I also love to hike in the winter when the snow is reaching over my knees and I really have to invest a lot of effort to make my way trought the snow to the top. And it is worth of it every single time.

Mountains – spiritual and healing experience

nudist hiking

To most people I know hiking is a social activity. They are organizing excursions and going to the mountains in groups. I, on the other hand, don´t like that idea. For me spending time in nature is not an excursion. For me it is spiritual and healing experience. And I want to experience it in private. Alone, in silence with my thoughts. Especially when going to the mountains. There is something so special in standing on the top without my clothes, vulnerable and small above the clouds, closer to the sun I can ever be.


I never understand why people have the need of yelling when they reach the top of the mountain. Do they feel like they have won the Nature when standing on the highest top?

nudist hiking

When I reach the top of the mountain, I don´t feel like winner. I don´t have the need to scream and celebrate. I feel humbly. When standing naked on the top of the highest mountain I feel small. I feel that my personal problems are not important. I feel that our little lives are as important as lives of a spider. I feel that to the Nature we are all equal and no matter how big we think our problems are,  I realize how small they really are.





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  1. Walking in the sunshine, with a soft breeze over my skin, is one of the greatest delights of life. The high point of my summer is walking naked over the Heath and along the coast in Dorset. May you climb many mountains and food many rivers.

  2. Wonderful post as always Diana. I also feel very connected to nature and mother earth when walking up to a mountain or hill, and very humble to the beauty and force of nature. As human being, we are just a peck of dust in the universe and hiking reminds me of how grateful we shall be to our planet and wonderful nature that surrounds us. Keep writing and insipiring us!

  3. Beautiful, yes everything is great

  4. I like it very weel too . Greetings 🙂

  5. For many of us, we are not celebrating that we’ve beaten nature, but that we have achieved what we set out to do. Achieving a goal, any goal, is always worth celebrating.

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