naturist camping

Why camping?

My favourite way of feeling the nature as an naturist is by camping. Literally living in the nature 0-24 is one of more reasons why camping is one of my biggest loves:

Escape from the urban

Camping by its very nature means being detached from the amenities of the civilisation. First of all, it was a mean to survive outdoor, to spend the night on some long voyage or whatever the reason people have to stay in the wild. Nowadays, except only for a true expeditions or a war, it has become a way of life, especially for a modern people that want to escape from stress of the modern, urban environment. Most of the time we are all in our houses, apartments or even at work behind the walls and locked doors. Going into the nature, without walls or locked doors that would be preventing us from recharging and connecting with inner self and with the nature is the best way of escaping from this urban way of life full of stress.

nudist camp

Connectedness with the nature

Many people, don´t just like to be in the nature they just like I do, want to become one with the nature. They want to breathe with the trees, to live sunrises and sunsets, to talk with the plants and animals. Too connect with the nature with all of their senses.

To be more on the practical side, if you are on the summer holidays on the coast of the beautiful sea, you are often camping close to the beach (or just the shore). That gives you no hassle for a parking, driving trough the streets filled of tourists and carrying all you need to the beach. You just literally make one step and voila – you are on the beach 😉

fkk camp

Naturism and camping

naturism camping

By the very nature of the both naturism and camping, those two comes in a perfect blend, a harmony just like a hand in hand. There is nothing better to a naturist than to be in nature, naked of course. And being able to live outdoor in nature naked, together with other people that feels the same way is a dream come true.

Camping in the wild

nudist camping by the river

Granted, there are no electricity or running water, but with a gas stove, you can still be very comfortable. I prefer such camping near the rivers, where you can not only enjoy swimming, but have fresh water for cooking or even drinking. Couple of candles, moonlight and the stars are all the light you need in the evening. If you choose good place there will be no other people so you can really enjoy in privacy of your personal piece of nature´s paradise.

Camping in the modern camping sites

Modern camping sites offer all you need: the electricity, toilets, restaurants, running water, shops… Some of them are literally small towns and there is no need to step outside. For me, the most important thing is electricity for a small refrigerator so I can always have a cold drink and for laptop so I can work. And the shade. I love the Sun, but I am not scorching myself in the high noon. I am shocked when I see how many people are doing this, and you all know how bad it is for your skin.

Still, I prefer smaller, almost wild camps, located deep in the nature. For me they have the best ratio of comfort and wild.

nudist camp

But one thing is sure. No matter how great it is, camping is not for everybody. If you are used to 5 star hotels, luxury, if the idea of sharing showers and toilets with other people is too much for you or you are scared of spiders, bugs or ants you should think twice before going to camp. And if you think that spending all day and night in the nature, cooking and eating outdoors is great for you than what are you waiting for?  You just need good camping equipment, and you are ready to go 🙂

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