If you are planning your nude vacation, then you should know all about the top 10 nudist beaches in Croatia!

Nude swimming has a very long tradition in Croatia. And Croatian nudist beaches are among the most beautiful in the world. It was not easy to pick just 10 of them, but I have made a list of most beautiful beaches in Croatia where you can enjoy the freedom of being nude.


It’s is the southernmost cape of Croatian biggest peninsula – Istria. Kamenjak is a protected nature reserve. Idyllic beaches are mixed with wild coastline in the shade of the pine trees, crystal clear blue sea, pebble bays, high cliffs, and hidden caves. It is, therefore, the perfect setting for nature lovers. And naturism lovers. It is not official naturist beach, but just as in many places on Croatian Adriatic, naturism is tolerated. Just go from the crowd, and get rid of those pesky textiles! The flat, smooth rocks are usually the best pick. During the heat peak, just go to the deep shade of the forest behind and refresh yourself with several jumping into the sea.



Konobe is actually a naturist camp in the island of Krk. But nudist beaches that are a part of the camp are one of the most beautiful in Croatia. Camp Konobe has 1,500 meters long coastline, with two larger pebble beaches equipped with showers. But a number of secluded white beaches are also part of the camp if you rather enjoy privacy than a lot of people around you on the beach.


The camp Sovinje is situated in a pine forest, next to the sea in the south of the Pašman island. In the camp, there are two beautiful, long sandy beaches. Beaches have plenty of shade from the high shore even in the high noon, so you can relax without having to worry about the strong sun, but the evening sun is lacking. Within the camp, there are lots of recreational activities like table tennis, beach volleyball, basketball and boat, and bicycle hire. If you are coming with kids, they can have fun in the campsite’s playground area.



Bunculuka naturist beach is a part of the Bunculuka naturist camp. The beach will thrill you with its scenic beauty, turquoise sea and panoramic view of the nearby rocky island of Prvić. This pebbly beach has everything you need for a carefree holiday. With its shallow water, it’s ideal for families with small children. On the beach, you can relax in a sun lounger beneath a straw umbrella or enjoy a pleasant massage. If you want more active relaxing, you can rent a kayak or a stand-up paddleboard.


On the attractive 1,500-metre-long coast of the Istria peninsula, you’ll find pebbly and rocky naturist beaches with rocky sunbathing areas, a special area for youngsters, and a beach for your pet. You can admire the fantastic panoramic views stretching from the hilly coastal town of Vrsar in the south to the northernmost island of the Vrsar archipelago. These pleasant sights will encourage you to rent a beach canoe and explore the coast from the sea.


This 800 meters long rocky beach is a part of the nudist camp Nudist. It has a lot of easy entry areas and also some concrete terraced areas. On the left is a pebble beach that a number of small boats and windsurfers use. It is very clean with good sanitary facilities.



Pag nudism

Sveti Duh is at the same time camp and a nudist beach. The camp Sveti Duh is not formally nudist camp, but the nudist beach is part of it so they are friendly to nudism. You can not walk naked all around the camp, but being nude in your camping place is as normal on the beach. Beautiful peeble and sandy beach has a breathtaking view of the mighty Velebit mountain and is definitely worth visiting.


Lokrum Island is easy to reach with a boat that goes from the old city of Dubrovnik every 30 minutes till 8 PM. The nudist part (the left part of the island) is very large and quiet. Large rocks and easy access to the beautiful, warm sea. In the middle of the path to the nudist part u can find a small bar. It can be very hot to stay on the rocks the whole day, but just above the rocks you’ll find some nice places to rest a while for a slumber in the shade and a lot of paths in the bush to cross the island.


Beach Jerolim is located on one of the most beautiful islands of the Adriatic – Pakleni otoci (Hell islands) and has been listed among the 15 best nudist beaches in the world. Jerolim Beach is a place of pristine nature, rocky shores and crystal clear waters ideal for those who like to swim naked far from the crowd. Behind the beach, there is a forest of pine trees which provide shade during the great heat of summer. There is a restaurant on the island of Jerolim which is near the beach, where you can enjoy a variety of Dalmatian specialties. The beach Jerolim can be reached by a private boat or a taxi boat from Hvar in only 20 minutes.


A 30-minute walk from Rajska plaža you get to Sahara, a beautiful sandy beach. Not the desert, but the most famous naturist beach in Lopar. It is not far, yet it is far enough from the crowd when you desire a little bit of peace and quiet on your vacation. Bear in mind that there are no facilities of any kind on this beach, so you better bring your own picnic (or at least some drinking water). Beautiful sand, shallow sea, and nice rocks on the sides give you feeling like you are somewhere in the tropics and not in the Mediterranean.

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