Short road trip with Daytona

This summer was very intense with a lot of traveling across Croatia. As I am lucky to live in this beautiful country, I spend my summers discovering amazing places. There is almost nothing better than traveling from the rivers and the mountains to the sea and stopping wherever I want to wander around naked. One thing that makes it better is having a great company on the road.

Daytona is a beautiful young girl from France that was visiting Croatia this summer. I knew her from the Instagram where we used to chat. I  really liked to talk with her as she is an openminded, free-spirit, smart, fun and interesting. Therefore you can imagine how happy was I to hear that she had a few days free so we can meet in person and go on a little road trip.


Pogledajte ovu objavu na Instagramu.


Il faut bien du courage Chaque matin Pour faire de la vie Son heritage ~Proverbe estonien~ 📸 @decorban_dcrbn

Objavu dijeli Daytona (@day_to_now)

I wanted to show her some of my most favorite places in Croatia, but as we didn’t have much time I had to pick only three different places to go together. It was a hard choice, but I´ve finally made a decision: two rivers and the sea. It was great to meet a new friend that shares the same love for nudism and photography. So, you can imagine, we were having fun, enjoying the freedom of nudism and making a lot of photos and videos.

You can check out how much fun we had on this little road trip in gallery below, and for more photos and videos from the trip with Daytona check out my Patreon page.






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  2. Just came back from Croatia sailing 🙂
    Caught some women bathing naked with my drone 😉

    1. haha yes, it is not unusual to find nudists on hidden, unofficial nudist beaches

  3. Great, i like it!

    1. thank you!

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