Nudist tips from man to man

After my inbox was filled with e-mails from men asking me advice and tips for their first time on nude beach I decided to ask one of my male nudist friend to give me a help to write nudist tips for man. Because, you know, I honestly don´t know what it is like to get erection on a beach full of naked people.
Even though I have discussed all of  questions and worries that I received on e-mail with my partner and answer to all of them, I really wanted to publish some of the most common questions I get. And I wanted them to be answered by my friend Matijaž from Slovenia.  So, I made a little interview with him:

1) Can you please share how did you become nudist and how long are you practising it?

I remember as a small kid, i was very shy, almost panicking if someone even glimpsed seeing me naked. I haven’t grew up in a religious family, but probably being naked was culturally frowned upon. Later, I had unexplainable urge to undress, in the forest, river. First alone, privately, later with my girlfriend in a nudist beach, together with other people. It was a revelation.

2) Do you practise nudism by yourself or with friends/partner? Can a men come alone to the nudist beach / resort?

On official nudist resorts or camps, i have always been with my girlfriends. Lone men on such places (very often with children) are usually not welcomed, unless they have some kind of membership in nudist organization. Some voyeurs are always tempted to come to these places. In just textile optional beaches, it is not so important.

3) Are there any tips on how should men behave in nudist beach?

Just behave normally. Don’t stare into others private parts and don’t take photos without permission. Needless to say, don’t even try to jerk.

4) And what happens if you get erection?

It is normal and if it happens, no one will be bothered. But, try to hide until it gets loose – lay on your belly, jump into the water or anything 😉 Walking around with your stick could be suspicious.

5) A lot of men are worried if their penis is big enough to take off their pants in public, what would you say to them?

I think that penis in normal position reveal no true size. Only when erected. So it doesn’t matter. Also, frustrated people don’t do this, it is about the nature, freedom, not teh pageant.

6) Do you have any bad experiences from nudist beach?

To be honest – no.

7) If you could say any tips and tricks to share with the first time male nudists what would it be?

When we are naked we are all the same, no matter if we are managers, firemen, actors… Nudism is freedom, chance to enjoy the sun and nature and other people bodies. Nudism is not about the sex, but we can’t deny our attraction to beautiful bodies, male or female, it doesn’t matter.


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