naked in forest, nude in snow

Naked in the Forest


Nature Lover

I am a nature lover. There is nothing better then wandering around  in nature, finding new hidden places and enjoying in the beauty that surrounds you. If you do that naked you will experience a special kind of freedom.

That feeling of freedom is the reason why I become naturist. Without clothes that is fettering me I feel much better, happier. I feel like I am becoming one with the nature. No matter if I am at the sea, at the mountains, river, lake, forest… I will always find the way to take off my clothes and enjoy in the nature that surrounds me.

Nude in the Forest

Every place that you experience naked is giving you special feeling of freedom. You will feel different if you are at the sea, different at the mountains or anywhere else. After a long and cold winter without outside nudity last couple of days are much warmer and you can smell the spring in the air. I could not resist to say goodby to the winter and welcome the spring. The best way to do that was in the forest. There was still snow at the ground but I could feel the spring in the warm air. I take off my clothes and wander around naked celebrating the spring and warm day that will come.



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