Naked and free

Sometimes, there are days when all you need is to find a perfect place in nature away from everything. Do you ever feel that need? The need to be away from the world, away of beeing busy, stressed, overwhelmed with just everyday life. The need to be naked and free.

Go out and breathe

I have days like that. Days when I don´t feel like doing anything elsse except to be. To be free of stress, free of clothes. To be one with the nature, to find beauty in its hidden places. To be happy. To breathe. To be me.

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  1. Simple and clear. I love lying naked on a patch of grass under the shade of a tree, just smiling, breathing and being present!

    1. I also love doing that! But, for me, there is something almost magicly special in being naked in the water 🙂

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