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List of nudist films (1)

Nudism and naturism are ways of living for centuries. It would be odd if there are not any films covering nudism and nudist lifestyle. There are plenty of them: documentary, drama, comedy, sci-fi, adventure, crime, romance… short ones, long ones…you name it.

Some of them offer a great look into a nudist lifestyle, others…well they don´t.

Hopefully, there will be new films showing all the beauty of naturist & nudist lifestyle nowadays and helping people to understand this lifestyle.

Until then, I have made a first part of the “list of films covering nudism”.

Hope you will put them on your watching list and let me know which one do you like the most.

1. Act Naturally (2011) – comedy, drama

When two estranged stepsisters inherit their father’s nudist colony, getting back to nature has never been so completely unnatural.



2. Sevilla (2012) – short, drama

Three youngsters go on a road trip to Seville that will change their lives forever.


3. Naked in the 21st Century (2004) – documentary

The history of nudism and nudist films is contrasted with the nudist lifestyle today in this entertaining documentary. Also go behind the scenes on the making of a new naturist film, “The Naked Place.”


4. For Members Only (1960) – drama

A somewhat prudish young lady inherits a nudist camp. She wants to shut it down, but is persuaded by its members to give the place a look before she takes any action. She agrees, and while touring the camp finds herself attracted to one of the patrons.


5. Los decentes (2016)

A housemaid, working in an exclusive gated community in the outskirts of Buenos Aires, embarks on a journey of sexual and mental liberation in a nudist swinger-club boarding the high-security walls.


6. La fonte des neiges (2009)

Léo is dragged to a nudist camping resort by his mother. Like most boys at the age of 12 or 13, being nude in public holds little appeal for Léo, who protests by wearing extra layers. Until he meets a certain special girl, who captures his heart and releases his inhibitions.

7. A Heap of Trouble (2001) -short

Can the residents of a small housing estate survive the arrival of an unorthodox parade of men?


8. Act Super Naturally – comedy

Charlie Tillerman is diving into the family business. She inherited Bear Lake Naturist Resort from her recently deceased absentee father. Now Charlie owns and operates a nudist resort…


9. Les textiles (2004)

Sophie and Olivier are a young married couple who work in Paris as bakers. Out of the blue, they decide to buy a summer house on the seaside, but without actually seeing it. When Sophie, along with her two kids, arrives first on the premice, she discovers that they have bought a house located in the midst of a nudist camp…


10. Barfuß bis zum Hals (2009) – comedy

A nudist site in eastern Germany is sold to Dieter Lohe, a conservative textile manufacturer from Bavaria. He visits his new property with his daughter Natalie, and plans to use the property as a hunting ground. For fear of losing their tenancy agreement, the members of the association adjust to Lohe’s presence by walking around dressed. Jakob Steiner, the son of the club’s leader, doesn’t accept the nudist family tradition and because of this argues with his father. Jacob becomes close friends with Lohe’s daughter. Lohe eventually gets wise to the clothed nudists, and after a few complications, all of the parties involved come to an arrangement.


11. Diary of a Nudist (1961) – adventure, romance

Newspaper editor Arthur Sherwood is on a hunting trip when he accidentally stumbles upon a nudist camp in the woods. He is very much shocked by this and decides to send reporter Stacy Taylor to the camp so she can write an expose on the camp and have it shut down. However, much to her surprise, Stacy finds that she enjoys the nudist lifestyle and writes some very positive articles on her experiences, which doesn’t sit well with Arthur. Arthur then decides to join the camp himself and writes his own story.


12. Blaze Starr Goes Nudist (1962) – romance

Stripper Blaze Starr, playing herself, drives her agent–who is also her fiancé–to distraction by ignoring scheduled “press functions” and spending her weekends at a nudist camp.


13. Nude on the Moon (1961) – fantasy, sci-fi

A rich rocket scientist organizes an expedition to the moon, which they discover is inhabited by nude women.


14. The Naked Venus (1959) – drama

A young American painter and his French wife move with their small daughter to the US when the husband’s father dies. His mother takes an instant dislike to the wife, and when she finds out that her daughter-in-law is a nudist who once posed naked for an artist, she declares her son’s wife to be an unfit mother and sets out to break up the marriage–which may not be difficult to do, as the son is a weak-willed “mama’s boy” who’s terrified to stand up against his domineering mother.


15. This Naked Age (1932) – documentary

Using some stock footage and voice-over narration, this film examines the phenomenon of nudism throughout the world. Beginning in ancient Greece, the film tells of the origins of the nudist movement in the 4th and 5th centuries to the present.


16. Nature’s Playmates (1962) – drama

Chicago private detective Russell Harper and his assistant, Diana, travel to a Florida nudist camp to find a missing husband and both of them soon become embroided with the life of nudists while falling in love with each other.


17. Nudist Paradise (1959) – drama

An American art student in England falls in love with a beautiful Englishwoman. It turns out that she’s a nudist, and in spite of his misgivings, he decides to join her at her nudist camp.


18. Behind the Nudist Curtain (1964) – documentary

Private eye Sam Dennison is relaxing at a nudist camp when he receives an assignment to find international spy Mr. X, who receives information from night club entertainers around the world. Sam travels to Vegas, Hong Kong, Thailand, Paris, Haiti, Mexico, Hawaii, Berlin, and Tokyo, watching lovely women perform, and stopping back at the nudist camp (which he is attempting to buy from its beautiful owner, Martha).


19. Gentlemen Prefer Nature Girls (1963) – drama

Anne and Tom, a married nudist couple, work in a real estate office. When the agency’s owner discovers that Tom is a nudist, he fires him. Unfortunately, Tom was just ready to close a big real-estate deal with Al Jenkins. Tom goes to his favorite nudist camp to take his mind off his problems and discovers that Al Jenkins is also a member of the nudist camp. Together they come up with a plan to get Tom’s wife and their boss to get to the nudist camp so they can close the deal.


20. Garden of Eden (1954) – drama

War widow and pre-teen daughter leave the home of tyrannical father-in-law in Florida, get lost on a detour, and find shelter at a nudist colony.


21. Hideout in the Sun (1960) – crime, drama

Two brothers rob a bank and take a young girl hostage. They find out that the girl is a nudist, so they force her to take them to a nudist colony so they can hide out.


22. Naked as Nature Intended (1961) – documentary, comedy

Three girls on a tour of the English countryside meet up with two young women who introduce them to the joys of life in a nudist camp.


23. 10 Days in a Nudist Camp (1952) – documentary

A documentary that profiles nudism and its lifestyle around the world.

24. Daughter of the Sun (1962) – comedy

When she is discovered to be a nudist, a school teacher is called before the board of education to defend herself. A young male teacher decides to accompany her to her nudist camp to find out for himself exactly what goes on there.


25. Around the World with Nothing On (1963) – comedy, drama

The once in a lifetime experiences of a NUDIST BEAUTY CONTEST WINNER!


26. My Bare Lady (1963) – drama

Tina is horrified when she crashes her bicycle into a pond and is rescued from drowning and taken to a nudist camp by her rescuer to recover, but naturist bliss and true love await.


27. Take Off Your Clothes and Live (1963)

Several attractive girls travel, by various means (plane, vintage car, hitch-hiking), to a nudist camp in the South of France.


28. The Reluctant Nudist (1964) – comedy

A young woman finds out that her boyfriend has been lying to her about where he spends his weekends. She hires a private detective to follow him and discovers that he has joined a nudist camp.


29. Educating Julie (1984) – documentary, drama

A timid college student, Julie, is assigned to write a research paper on “Nudity in the 1980’s” She and her boyfriend, Steve, visit several nudist clubs in England, the south of France and in Florida to learn about why people like nudism.


30. La Vénus à Lulu (1991) – comedy

Narcoleptic Finnish naturist as beautiful as Venus is on vacation in Southern France with her husband. She goes for a walk in the field naked and gets lost. A local kid takes her to his village to help her as well as brag to his friends.


31. The Prince and the Nature Girl (1965) – drama

The leader of a small kingdom falls in love with a beautiful American girl, only to be shocked when he finds out that she’s a nudist.

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  1. It’s sad such movies aren’t made anymore because of nudity being “obscene”. This list is good but those movies are all pretty outdated except act naturally and act super naturally wich I can’t wait for. Also you forgot “A dix minutes des naturistes” another french movie.

  2. It would be good to know where we can watch some of these. I’ve been trying for ages to find a link to watch “La fonte des neiges,” without much success. And some of the older ones I’ve only been able to find versions of that have the screen partially cut off to censor them.

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  4. Thank for this movie list, I will share it with my beach tribe. I also shared your nudist vacation list.

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