Is Naturism Girl a real naturist? Support my naked journey

So, I´ve been working on several things lately and now is time to share one of it with the world! TATATA-DAM here I am announcing you that from now on you can be part of my nudist journey. But first, let me give you some back information about how and why I decided to start this…


 Ever since the start of this blog I have received A LOT of critics that I am not a real naturist/nudist. All of them were only based on my look. All of them were saying that I can not promote naturist way of life because….

wait for it…

I look good on my photos.

YEP, you read that right. But it was given more details than this, so they say that I am a young, white, blond, good looking female, that is posing on photos and that my photos looks like photo session. So, they did not even bother to read what I am saying, they just looked at my photos and decided – nope, she can´t be a true naturists, here photos are to good for that.

At first it was a shock for me. Of course it was. I was trying to promote naturism and nudism, I was aiming to tell the people that they should do what they love, to connect with the nature, to feel the freedom, to be positive about their body, to love themselves…. And then there come this people and told me that I am not real enough to say that. It really bothered me for some time, and I just could not realize why people that are inside this nudist/naturist community aren´t supportive.

And then I realized: I do not have to care. And I do not care about their opinion because you know what? They are the people who are not important enough to have a opinion that would bother me. Because they did not do anything to promote naturism. They did not answer 100s of e-mails trying to help people who wants to try this lifestyle to overcome their fears and answering their questions. They done nothing except criticize.

But there is one thing that they made me say out loud, the thing that I held locked in myself: I am more than just a naturist.


And I was afraid even to admit it to myself. What if I am not good enough? What if what I am creating is not good enough to be called art? But I realized that this is what every single creator is afraid of. And it is good to have that kind of fear inside you. That kind of fear is forcing you to keep learning, to keep being better from day to day in what you do.

So yes, to answer to my critics, my photos looks like a photo shoot. There is so much time given in every photo. So much preparation, shooting, editing. And about twice as much time for a video. And every text that I post is written for days.


Because I am an artist. Because I don´t settle with stupid photos that don´t look beautiful. I could easily post 10 selfies everyday. But what would be the value in this photos? Photography is beautiful art. Creating photos that have a story, that are sending the exact message I want to send is art. Nature we are surrounded by is a masterpiece. Human boy itself is the greatest piece of art. And I enjoy in creating art of nude photography in nature.

I do not want to make and publish videos or photos or a blog post that are not good enough for me, not good enough for you.

Why would I insult you by sharing with you content that is created only to create content, and not providing any real value to you? Or by making content that is not visually beautiful? Why would I give to you something that I would not want to receive myself?

So with telling loud to the world that I am not only a naturist, that I am an artist, enjoying in creating nude art I am sharing with you on what I´ve been working on lately:


I have discovered this amazing platform that is helping creators to connect with people who appreciate their work and are willing to support them. And I am so happy to say that from now you can check out my profile on Patreon, see what I have to offer and support my dream – to travel and to create nude art photography and videos and promote naturist lifestyle while doing so.

If you are enjoying in my work, please check out my Patreon profile, and support if you want to. 

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  1. Nobody looks “too good” or “not good enough” to be a nudist or naturist. “A real nudist” is anybody who believes nudity is beneficial, moral and normal while enjoying the lifestyle of going casually nude whenever possible. Nudism/naturism can be shared in photos and videos however you want. It’s great that you have the talent and desire to share naturism artistically.

  2. Hi! This is my first time commenting on your blog. I love whatbyou’re doing. Just be careful using patreon as they do not seem very “nude-friendly”. I was following another certain nudist content creator that got her account blocked a couple times :/ Also I was wondering why don’t you show your face? I’m sure you are very beautiful and it might help your cause by showing youre are not ashamed of what you do. But in the end the choice is yours 🙂 xx

  3. Naturism is about how your body feels not how it looks, its the spirt inside you that moves the body.

  4. I like the high quality of the photos, do you do your own photography or do you have some one to shoot for you?

  5. Just goes to show that some naturists/nudists can be hypocrites just like everyone else. Say they are body accepting but only if you are fat and ugly. You do you girl! Beautiful people can be naturists too!

  6. I think a lot of the naturist movement is overly parochial and moralistic. Many seek to impose their view of what naturism is. Naturism means more than just nudism, it’s about appreciation of natural beauty, whether that be the natural world or the human body. It is possible to appreciate the beauty of the human form in an artistic context without it being sexual, just as it’s possible to appreciate the beauty of a natural landscape.

    The other problem with the naturist movement is the constant division of likeminded groups. In a push to impose moralism many naturists not only distance themselves from swingers and exhibitionists but also condemn them morally. Swingers and exhibitionists, as well as the greater LGBITQ community are natural allies for naturism. They seek acceptance and the right to live their lives the way they choose, just as naturists do. They don’t see nudity as wrong, just as we don’t.

    We won’t ever convince the religionist moralists of the world that nudity is non-sexual so why try. Those people are shrinking in relevance anyway as rational atheism and secular humanism rises. Join with our natural allies in an agenda of acceptance of other lifestyles, body freedom and mutual respect.

  7. Hmm. We moan about the lack of gender balance of in naturism and nudism, how there aren’t enough women, especially young women enjoying the clothing-free lifestyle. So, here you are and you’re “not a real naturist?”
    We are our own worst enemies sometimes.

  8. There is a small group of what I call “pure” naturists. They are not accepting of anything outside their narrow definition of naturism. I encountered the same noise from a few of them because I had posted a few slightly erotic photographs I’d taken on my Twitter account and also I followed and had some followers outside the nudist community. They are fearful of people and content that may have the slightest hint of sexuality in it. Their view is nonsense because they are making a judgement that equates nudity to sexuality which is the connotation they are trying to prevent. Ignore them like you do because their opinions are skewed.

    Nudists are sexual beings as well and we occasionally see visual stimulation that invokes those feelings whether the image contains a clothed or nude person. What separates us as nudists is that we do not believe that just because someone or something contains nudity that it is sexual. We are do not see sexuality in regular social nudity. We do it for the freedom and peace that comes with being nude.

    Another hypocritical instance is not accepting some nude art and creators of it for whatever reason they see. We are an accepting, open and honest group of people that don’t judge others. I would question anyone that does not accept you as a nudist as not being a nudist. We need more women like you that are promoters of naturism and creators of nude art. Many people are curious about or lifestyle yet see a stigma attached to it especially younger women. Your blog acts as a good resource for women and all people to get a better understanding of how normal and natural nudism/naturism is.

  9. I fully support you and the promotion you are making about naturism. It’s true naturism is for every body. This does not mean that a good looking young lady cannot be a naturist and should be a nude model. You are the living proof you can be both. Keep up the naturist spirit and continue to enchant us with your texts and your pictures

  10. All you can be is who you are. Ignore the haters.

  11. Tasteful photos of a good looking young lady promoting naturism.

  12. Sounds like reverse fat shaming. Too bad. There are a lot of beautiful artists who create nude photos/drawings/blogs.
    I’ve been a nudist and naturist for a long time (before you were even born I surmise). I enjoy reading your blog. A few have made me ponder different aspects of nudity, it’s purpose and acceptance. Please don’t let nay sayers dissuade you because I know there are others like me who enjoy your writings.

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