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Feel the calmness

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There are just a few things that can make me feel calm. And with time I really started to appreciate the feeling of calmness. That feeling you have when you are able to forget about all the worries, all the bad things, everything that bothers you. And in moments like that you don´t make plans, you don´t think about anything. You just breathe, calm as a millpond.

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With time I learned that the feeling of calmness is way more important than the excitement and butterflies in stomach. So, I am looking for that feeling. Sometimes I find it in the sea, sometimes on the top of the mountain. And sometimes, I find it in the nearby field.

If you find it, appreciate that feeling. Be thankful to the place or the person that is giving it to you. Don´t say anything, just breathe, just be.

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  1. really nice experience!

  2. What a wonderful post with gorgeous artistic and nudist pics! Calmness to me comes with my daily meditation practice. Taking the time to stay quiet for 5, 10 or even 30 minutes, naked in the shade or under the sun, if possible, just breathing and letting things go by, is a necessary activity for balance. It brings this calmness you are talking about and reconnect me to the world.

  3. My wife has always said that when we sunbathe nude she feels a wonderful sense of relaxed comfort. The notion that she doesn’t have to worry about what is or isn’t covered, the sensation of feeling the sun and fresh air on the parts that would usually be covered, the “asexual” ethos that you encounter on naturist beaches, all make for a blissfully relaxing experience. You might call it calmness, we call it bliss!!

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