guide to naturist camps in croatia

Guide to naturist camps in Croatia

I am happy to present you my Guide to naturist camps in Croatia, in collaboration with great blog Explore Croatia.

Croatia is a summer paradise for nudists. Mediterranean climate with crystal clear warm sea are hard to resist and the local people on the coast are very open to this lifestyle in designated beaches and camps. There are a number of the official FKK (nudist )  camps where you can stay naked for days.

We can divide croatian camps in three different regions: Istria (Istra), Kvarner bay and Dalmatia.

The camps in Istria are the most urbanised and developed and the most expensive. They are often small towns, with lots of infrastructure, but at the price of the nature. The beaches are mostly artificial – easily accessed, but often without shade and nature.

The camps in Kvarner (mostly islands of Cres and Krk) are more natural, smaller with fewer facilities, less expensive.

Dalmatian camps are the least developed the smallest, the cheapest and the most natural.

See the  list and description of the FKK camps and more in Croatia Explore’s Guide to naturist camps in Croatia

Guide to nudist camps in Croatia

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