Naked at the beach in SE Asia The full video is available on my Patreon & Onlyfans pages After about two years of traveling complications caused by the COVID, things are finally loosening up a bit. I couldn't be happier to "exchange" one month of cold winter for the warm sun and tropical climate. I've decided to go to SE Asia.

Questions & Answers

As I promised, here is the first part of your questions and my answers. I tried to answer as specific and detailed as I could. If there is something you would like to found out about me and is not yet covered, please feel free to send me your question by e-mail and I will

Naturism in the jungles

Being nude is normal in many cultures, not surprisingly, mostly in tropical regions. Hot and humid climate discourages clothes. Amazon Indians are a prime example, but primordial naturism is everywhere.   Goran Šafarek is a world traveler and river expert. He has encountered many such cases during his voyages. You can read more on his blog.