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Cape Kamenjak – getting naked on the edge of the world

Croatia is a small Mediterranean dream come true country. Especially if you are a naturist / nudist. With a coastline length of 5.835 km and 1.246 islands there is so many nudist beaches, camps, resorts… You can choose if you want to go to the official nudist beach… Or you want to dare your luck and find some lonely hidden beaches where you can be naked. And there are plenty of them. Usually all you need to do is just to take some walk outside of the town and I am sure you will soon find your own “private” beach. The other option for finding private beaches is even better – by sailing.

Cape Kamenjak – The edge of the world

If you don´t want to spend half of the day wandering around and trying to find perfect private beach and still don´t want to be on one of the official nudist beaches Cape Kamenjak is the perfect solution for you!

Kamenjak is the southernmost cape of Croatian biggest peninsula – Istria. Istria is beautiful peninsula on the Croatian Adriatic coast. It is blessed with ancient towns like Rovinj, Pula and Poreč that attracted even Romans. The interior of the peninsula is charming farms, forests, small rivers and hills with stone villages and smallest town in the world – Hum. First class olive groves and vineyards bring great traditional cuisine. No wonder that millions come here for holidays. The swimming and sunbathe is still the main attractions here. Cultivated for millennia, Istria still harbours unspoiled nature. On of the pearls of the Istria is Cape Kamenjak.


Kamenjak looks like a stony fingers that juts in the northern Adriatic Sea. The shore is very rocky, hence the Croatian name Kamenjak – “rocky (place)”. It is not far from major tourist hub Pula. It extends nine kilometres into the sea like an octopus arm abounding in deep coves and capes, which stretch the coastline out to as much as thirty kilometres. Waves have filled these shady coves with charming little pebble beaches whose turquoise waters unveil their bottoms made of boulders. One beach is even sandy, although most of the coast is rough, but at the same time exotic.

Cape Kamenjak nudist

Towering a few meters above sea level as walls of a fortress, often in two or three cascading steps, these are ancient layers of an warm sea from which this solid limestone rock had been created. These steps are broken into larger blocks, the victims of tectonic forces fracturing them over the millennia.

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Because it is protuberant piece of land that is delving very deep into the sea it is often called The edge of the world. Kamenjak is protected nature reserve for its exceptional natural beauty that includes wild scenes of untouched nature where you can encounter last habitats of various plant and animal species on the planet! Idyllic beaches are mixed with wild coastline in the shade of the pine trees, crystal clear blue sea, pebble bays, high cliffs and hidden caves.

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It is perfect setting for nature lovers. And naturism lovers. It is not official naturist beach, but just as in many places on Croatian Adriatic, naturism is tolerated. Just go from the crowd, and get rid of those pesky textile! The flat, smooth rocks are usually the best. During the heat peak, just go to the forest behind and  in deep shade, with the pine fragrance and hypnotical orchestra of cycads…

This is one of the best places if you want to feel true nature on your bare skin!

barefoot on a nudist beach

naked on nudist beach in cape kamenjak

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