Are nudists asexual?

Nudism is full of controversies, prejudices etc. In one extreme, people picture nudists as bunch of horny perverts, doing “things” on the beach. On the other hand, there is a scene of utopia, some overdone notion of connectedness with the mother nature, sinless Garden of Eden, where people walk naked, totally ignorant to any hint of sexuality.

The truth is in the middle

Nudists are normal people, and sexuality is normal too. So, nudists in general  naturally like sex, just like everybody else. Of course we all have different preferences in sex and love different things, just as anybody else. But no matter what turns us on we will not do it on the beach or  any other public place with people around us. In our private rooms, tents or even on the hidden, empty part of the beach, why not? By the way, sex in the nature is s great. 😉


Among nudist community there are gays, bisexual people, swingers…that’s perfectly OK. By definition, nudists are open to many things, so other person sexuality is nothing to be discussed. Myself, i don´t like definitions when it comes to sexuality. And I just like to say that I am open to all kinds of love.

One more thing: I like seeing beautiful girls and guys on the nudist beach, just as others do on textile beaches around the world. It´s nothing wrong with that. Human bodies are so beautiful, they are perfect creations of the nature. But it is very important not to stare, especially close to private parts. Also, I don’t want to say that nudist beach is a place for a competition or pageants. If you are more interested on how to behave at a nudist beach, check out this post.

 Do we fear of voyeurs?

We love being naked. We love being naked in public. But that does not mean that we find it ok that others are staring at us. Especially not some perverts that think it is ok to go to the nude beaches to satisfy their sexual needs by looking at nude people.

Personally I never had any bad experience of any kind on nude beaches or resorts. And I am very happy that I have never experience having voyeur looking to me or anything else when I am completely naked, disposed and therefore vulnerable. But even tough I have never had such an awful experience it is always on my mind that there might be perverts so I am always careful if someone could be lurking.

Just be yourself

Be yourself. That is the best advice I can give you. If you are on a nude beach with your partner, of course you will kiss him/her. You might even gently spank him/her or pinch for a butt from affection. It is perfectly normal. No one expects that you will treat your partner as a stranger and keep the distance from their naked body. But just don´t cross the line of a good taste.

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  1. I so agree with you, what others do on a beach with clothes on, we do with clothes off! But we have made love behind a windbreak on the beach, it was wonderful and seemed so natural. Thanks for your thoughts!

    1. Yeah… we did that once, keeping an eye open for anyone walking up the beach from the access point. We went through our whole repertoire then lay there exhausted after. It was only when my wife reached over to get a tissue from her backpack that she realised that a family of 4 had rocked up from the other direction (a walk of over a mile!) and had settled about 30-40 yards from where we were. We had no idea how long they had been there or how much they had seen, but their children may well have had some awkward questions for the parents to answer!!

  2. Actually, having sex at the empty part of the beach (or the dunes) is the exact reason why the Belgian government denied a second nude beach.
    See here:

    So please keep it at private places.

    1. >To be honest this is just stupid. And most likely they have just used it as an excuse so they would have a “reason” to denie a nude beach. Having sex in the nature is something that most people do, or they have done at least once in a lifetime. And that has absolutely nothing to do with if they are nudists or not. So the fact that this is not a nude beach does not mean that people are not having sex at the empty part. It all sumes up to the biggest mistake when talking about nudism – that nude beaches are some kind of places where people are having orgies or something like that. We are more or less the same as textiles, expect we are not having our clothes on, so what they do, we are also doing and vice versa. Oh and that includes having sex in the privacy of empty, hidden beach or any other place in the nature away from other people.

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