5 most important naturist etiquete

Nudist beaches, camps and resorts are as you already know no-clothes zones. But the fact that you are getting rid of your clothes does not mean that you can get rid of your manners! As the matter of fact good manners are must in nude society.

Most naturist or nudist resorts have their own rules and regulations and they will probably give you the list of dos and don’ts. But there are some common things that you should always have in your mind.


Being free to be naked in front of complete strangers is one of the best feeling ever if you ask me. Naturist resorts are the best places for that. But the fact that there or at the nudist beach are people completely naked does not mean that they don’t care about hygiene. They do. A lot! So when you are walking around, swimming or whatever it is ok to be completely clothes free and you don’t need a towel to cover up. But when you wish to sit or lay down in any common area always, always and always sit on your towel. Because, you know, nobody will want to sit on the chair where your bare ass was, no matter how good you think your ass is looking.


If you are a traveller, then you are probably always looking trough the lense of your camera or at least your phone. Imagine this situation: you are on the most beautiful beach and the most beautiful sunset you have ever seen just started. You want to take photos of this great moment. A lot of photos, from different corners. But the problem is – there are other people there. And they do not have any clothes on.

So the first thing to have in mind – you can not ever take photos of a naked person if you do not have their permission. I hope that this is crystal clear. And the fact that people are at the nudist beach does not change that. So what now? Just go to them and say that you want to take some photos and ask if they don’t mind it. Most probably they will move so you could have a great shot.

But there is also another situation possible: you want to make photos of a nudist beach with nude people on it. The solution is the same – approach to the people, tell them that you want to take photos and explain where will you use them (not everyone that is on a nude beach wants their naked body  popping up from the Internet!) and ask them if it is ok with them to be on photos. Some will say yes, some will say no just like it would happen in the textile world.


And as a woman, this is something I think is more important to say to the other ladies than it is to the gentlemans. I am the first one that is not uptight, and especially when I am naked. Then I feel free and relaxed. But that does not mean that I don’t need to think about some little things – like how am I positioning my legs when I am sitting or laying down. And the other ladies have that little thing in mind, or at least they should be. Because, thrust me, no one wants to see how you look from the inside, we are not your gynecologists.

Of course that sometimes you will “flash” more than you want to, but that is normal. If something falls and you bend to pick it up, or you are changing your sitting position, or you  just simply forget about it and widen your legs more than it is polite… But that is normal and it happens to everyone. Just remember to keep in mind that you are naked and even when you are going to be in situations like this it will last just a second before you will correct yourself. And nobody will have a problem with that.


You are naked. And everybody else is naked. And we all have the same body parts. Do not be that asshole that stares. You don’t want to be this person in a nudist beach. People will notice you, because well…you are not invisible and you may have problems. That does not mean that you can not look at the other person, or that you have to have your eyes shut all the time. Normal behaviour is looking, talking, smiling.. But if you just want to look naked people, well then don’t even try to go there – stay at home, Internet has it all. In all the years I am spending my summers at the naturist resorts and beaches I have not even once meet that creepy person that stares. Never. Not even the first time I went naked in public when I thought everyone will stare. No one was.


This one is the golden rule. And it explains all. Behave like you would love to see others to behave, be polite, accept others. Feel free and let others to feel the same way. The only way to feel like that is when you are comfortable with yourself, your body, people and the nature that surrounds you.


This 5 simple rules will make you feel better when you are nude and at the same time you will make feel other better when they are near you. Enjoy your time being nude. Be naked, be free, be happy.



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  1. Very well written. Thanks for sharing. I would add a sixth one if I may: Act naturally! Being naked does not need to change anything to your behavior. Being naked is entirely natural and should not change the way you act. Just be yourself and enjoy the freedom of nudity.

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