Nude on the snow!

naturism girl on the snow Its winter time and snowing at my place, so I couldn't resist playing naked with the snowflakes 🙂 Yes, I was cold, it was freezing, but I had so much fun! Borders are still closed, it's practically impossible to travel to warmer, tropical places, but you know what, it won't stop me from exploring

nudist in green river

Dive into the green paradise Beauty is all around us Every day when you can be freely nude is a good day. This year was... well... not so good. With the world pandemic, lockdowns, restrictions, etc. I believe I´m not the only one that can´t wait for this year to be over. Hopefully, 2021 will be better. But, there

Short road trip with Daytona

This summer was very intense with a lot of traveling across Croatia. As I am lucky to live in this beautiful country, I spend my summers discovering amazing places. There is almost nothing better than traveling from the rivers and the mountains to the sea and stopping wherever I want to wander around naked. One

Questions & Answers

As I promised, here is the first part of your questions and my answers. I tried to answer as specific and detailed as I could. If there is something you would like to found out about me and is not yet covered, please feel free to send me your question by e-mail and I will